Revenge Season 3 Review “Struggle”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 15 Struggle (3)

Though this week’s episode of Revenge was called “Struggle,” a more appropriate title might have been “Angst.” Pretty much every storyline this week saw the characters acting a little bit petty and spiteful, and I just had a hard time enjoying any of it.

Now, I didn’t mention it last week, but wow, is the whole “Stevie is Jack’s biological mother” a lame plot twist. Not only does it make the main characters even more ridiculously interconnected, but it feels like an unnecessary story arc for both characters. In particular, Stevie already had plenty of interesting stuff going for her, with her jabs at Victoria providing a nice bit of levity in an otherwise drab episode. I guess it fits with the whole angst theme of the episode, seeing Jack brood and all, but I just don’t see this arc going anywhere interesting.

Moving to Victoria and Patrick, their arc had all of the usual issues, but ended on a very positive note. Because we’ve seen so little of the alleged good side of Patrick, it was hard to buy into Nolan’s suggestion that the Hamptons have changed him. He’s just always kind of been a violent, untrustworthy character with mommy issues. Still, getting to see him leave at the end of the episode, hopefully forever, was enough to make me smile, even if I didn’t really agree with the sentiments about the character Nolan and Victoria shared. Also, seeing them share a drink was just sort of bizarre.

Meanwhile, there was Emily, whose violent blackouts had her ready to drop all of her plans and just kill the Graysons. Again, lot of angst, especially when Aiden’s water torture made her realize she was trying to get back at her father when she blacked out. This would all be well and good, but that scene between a young Emily and her father was full of bad dialogue and unnecessary exposition. By the end of the episode, she was of course back in planning mode, but there’s not really a solution for her blackouts yet. She remains an unreliable part of her own scheme.

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