Psych Season 8 Review “A Nightmare on State Street” – Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Psych Season 8 Episode 9 A Nightmare on State Street (9)

In this episode of Psych, Gus is having a hard time sleeping but his trip to see a sleep therapist may make things worse when his nightmares apparently become reality.

Well, it’s the second to the last episode and Psych gave us a romp through Gus’ dreamworld. This one was a blast to watch. It felt like the writers sat down in a room and said, “Let’s reference every horror movie/TV show we ever loved, and oh yeah, let’s toss in every reference and in-joke to the show that we can.”

And you know what? That formula worked. From the three-hole punch gag (I had nearly forgotten about that!) to Shawn as a zombie from The Walking Dead, this episode was fun little trip into fantasy. Psych‘s not exactly known for keeping its feet firmly planted in reality, but this time they took the idea of fantasy and really went for it. Nothing like having a guy who can’t sleep and keeps living his nightmares to find a way to toss things like a giant, mommy-eating sink snake into an episode.

The other fun part was that, though it featured nearly everyone in the cast, this was totally Gus’ episode. Watching him wander through each nightmare was great, as was keeping track of each of his girlie screams. Though I will admit to losing count after about the tenth or so. It was also fun keeping track of my own girlie screams, as each one proved how well the show set up their scares. Even with it being a comedy, there were some moments that had me wanting to hide under my couch. Comedy and scares – my favorite combo.

And then there was one. Oh Psych, how will I survive once you are gone for good? I do have one request before you go though, please give us the full theme song for the finale. That is all.

My favorite bits:

Shawn and Gus driving in Gus’ mom’s car. I miss the Blueberry.

“I think I’d make a dead-sexy zombie.” – I could totally see that.

Kurt Smith driving up next to Gus. Awesome.

“You caught me listening to my own music. How utterly Rob Thomas.” – I’m a huge Rob Thomas fan, but that still made me giggle.

Kurt Smith taking a zombie attack quite calmly. Though, to be fair, I guess he never realized it was real.

Screaming a girlie scream myself when the zombies fingers started crawling across Gus’ legs.

Zombie Kurt Smith. Ah!

Bruce Campbell. That is all.

Dr. Simpson somehow slapping Gus without leaving his chair. That takes talent.

Dr. Simpson suggesting that Gus didn’t feel whole without Shawn. Well, duh. And Shawn feels the same way.

“Dude, I was gonna pee. I was hoping to pee.”

OMG! Zach is Chainsaw! (A comment that I’m sure made no sense to anyone who hasn’t seen 1987’s Summer School).

“You’re just going to pee outside?”
“We’re men, Gus. The world is our toilet.”

Gus girlie scream #2. (Yes, I’m totally going to start keeping track).

My girlie scream #2 (It’s only fair, if I’m going to count his, I should count my own).

“Now that Brannigan’s saddled up, you can hear a cricket fart in China.”

Gus girlie scream #3.

Gus The Fly scream #1.

Shawn and Dr. Simpson giggling over Gus talking about balls in his sleep.

“Gus, we get caught together, we face death together, it happens every week.”

Dr. Simpson slapping Shawn with… well, whatever the heck that thing was.

Lassie tagging in Brannigan to take over the conversation with Shawn and Gus.

Woody’s chrome skeleton. Loved it.

“Speaking of baby-smooth, I Naired my buttocks last night, gentleman.” – Um, over-share?

Gus girlie scream #4/my girlie scream #3. Those zombies in the autopsy drawers got us both.

Martin Sheen’s picture in the frame as Gus walked by. YES.

Gus girlie scream #5. Nope, didn’t get me that time. I actually laughed when the big snake ate his mommy. Was that wrong?

Lassie getting eaten by zombies. Oh noes!

“Lassie come home!”

“There’s nothing funny about a three-hole punch!” – Hahahahahahahaha!

Zombie Shawn! He did indeed make a dead sexy zombie.

“I sense your brains are yummy, Gus.”

Gus girlie scream #….uh, infinity? Seriously, I’ve lost track.

Gus asking Shawn to slap him on the teat repeatedly to make sure he was awake.

Lassie’s extra-long, “Wait for i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-t.”

“Well, I’m just a dream catcher in human form, with a chin that’s coveted around the world.”

My girlie scream #4. That old lady freaked me out!

Real Genius + milk shakes = Awesome.

Ahhhhh!! My girlie scream #5. Scary Shawn and Gus for the win!

The Psych-out with Steve Franks. Love that guy.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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