Wigs’ Series ‘Blue’ Season 3 Coming to Hulu [+Trailer]

Hulu viewers will now be able to enjoy the popular Wigs’ (a Fox company) online series Blue starring Julia Stiles. Season three premieres on Hulu and Hulu Plus Friday morning, March 28th. The short form episodes from season three will be cut into four longer 40-60 minutes episodes for the streaming service. Another Wigs series, Paloma, directed by Stiles, will make its Hulu debut on the same day.

Blue focuses on a woman (Stiles) who is living a double life as a mother and an escort. Season two will find her facing multiple challenges, including her sister (Jane O’Hara) and her sister’s girlfriend (Alexz Johnson) crashing on her couch, and her young son possibly becoming a teen father. Blue will also find herself growing too close to a client (Eric Stoltz). There will also be a mini Wigs’ crossover when Laura Spencer (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) cameos as her character, Vanessa, from Jan and Vanessa and Jan. Check out the trailer below for a longer look at season three.

The previous two seasons of Blue will also be available on Hulu, as well as other Wigs series Lauren, Jan, Christine, Ruth & Erica, Vanessa & Jan and Audrey. All Wigs series are still available to watch on Watch Wigs.