Twisted Season 1 Review “You’re a Good Man, Charlie McBride”

Twisted Episode 14 Home is Where the Hurt Is (9)

Who’s creepier, Danny or Charlie? Judging entirely from this week’s Twisted, ‘You’re a Good Man, Charlie McBride,’ it’s pretty even right now and, with Jo right in the middle of their little turf war, that creep factor could turn deadly pretty quickly. Is Charlie just pulling an All About Eve move on Danny, stealing his life from under him just as it was turning away anyway, or is he just searching for a home? Equally, is Danny’s effort to heed Jo’s words and distance himself from his father for real, or just temporary?

There wasn’t much in the way of mystery solving this week, largely due to the fact that Danny, Lacey and Jo are as disparate as they’ve ever been. Jo is jumping headlong into her new relationship with Charlie, Danny is still preoccupied with his guilt over what happened with his dad and, refreshingly, Lacey actually got to have some fun with new bestie Whitney. It doesn’t seem as if she is actually Tess’s long lost daughter, as predicted last week but, after that kiss, she may serve as an unexpected new love interest for Lacey instead.

A lot of the other mysteries are ticking along quite nicely, with Karen putting two and two together while hearing about Vikram and finally confronting Jack about his role in things, Charlie and Danny sharing some illuminating scenes together and Tess tracking down her daughter to an address nearby. The Rico and Andie stuff was just lighthearted filler, of course, but it’s sometimes just nice to see some characters acting like teenagers in a mystery show like Twisted. And, while Andie hasn’t made much of an impression so far, both Whitney and Charlie are great examples of how to add new blood.

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