The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Superhero”

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a superhero. It’s not just that I wanted to have powers. Though there was certainly that. Mostly, I wanted to be able to help people. Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m such a softie. Truth is, to my mind, there’s no point in having super powers if you can’t help other people. This episode of The Tomorrow People introduced someone who seems to be just as much of a softie as me. Although, judging from how she put down the bad guys, I wouldn’t call her a softie to her face.

There was a tomorrow person going around town basically being a guardian angel. She called herself the Red Avenger, and her MO was to show up in town, use her abilities to save innocent people, and move on to the next town. She was just one of many though, and when Russell saw her calling card he thought she was a girl he’d met a few years before. It turns out that she wasn’t Talia, but she was one of Talia’s protégées. Russell and Stephen kind of thwarted one of Red’s missions to save a federal judge and his family, but after Red revealed her identity to them, the trio went back and completed the task. Russell was very much interested in getting all the other tomorrow people involved in the superhero business, but Cara (unsurprisingly) refused because she believed it was too dangerous. That didn’t stop Russell though. The Vietnamese hooligans took everyone in the courtroom hostage, but it was Russell and Red to the rescue; with Ultra hot on their tail of course. Ultimately, all the innocents were saved, the tomorrow people weren’t discovered, and Red moves on to the next city to fight another day.

It’s unsurprising that Russell was so gung-ho to jump on the superhero bandwagon. As much as he likes to party and have a good time, it’s also pretty clear that he’s got a good heart. He’s even said on many occasions that they’re superheroes, and even though he may have said it in a joking manner, he really believes it. Some of his desire to be a superhero may stem from what happened with Talia, but I get the sense it has more to do with what happened with his father all those years ago. He’s never truly forgiven himself for being too afraid to stand up to his father and too weak to save him from those thugs. Whatever his personal motivations may be, though, Russell made a valid point in his argument to Cara. What are the tomorrow people doing to help anyone other than themselves? I get that they’re in a war for their very survival. I get that every time they use their powers topside it puts them in jeopardy, but the truth is, they’re in jeopardy anyway. Why not try to help some people in the meantime? It would actually be more beneficial to them in the long run if they were to start helping people.

First of all, it would allow them to start writing their own story. As it stands, Ultra is controlling the narrative about the tomorrow people. Since the tomorrow people spend all of their time running and hiding, Ultra gets to paint them as dangerous freaks who need to be put down. By saving people, it’s possible that they could foster some good will among some humans thus creating some allies. Secondly, to quote Spiderman’s uncle, with great power comes great responsibility. The responsibility isn’t just to look out for and protect yourself and those like you. When you’ve been given the kind of power that the tomorrow people have been given, it’s your responsibility to try to help make this world a better place. Otherwise, what are you living for? What is the purpose of life if all you do is run, hide, and don’t help anyone else? There has got to be more to life. Is it dangerous for the tomorrow people to use their powers topside? Yes. Is it a risk worth taking if it means saving an innocent life? Absolutely. Cara seemed surprised that Stephen and Russell seemed to be having fun when they went to save the judge and his family, but that’s because (consciously or not) they understood they were saving an innocent family and putting some bad guys out of commission. They were doing something good for someone else, and that made them feel good. It’s unfortunate that the rest of the tomorrow people have been so conditioned to look out for themselves that they forget that life isn’t just about what you do for yourself. It’s about what you do for some else.

Speaking of Cara, her hypocrisy is driving me nuts. This is the last I’m going to say about it because it seems that the powers that be are going to keep writing her this way. But I have to get this off my chest. Now that John and Cara are back together, she’s concerned about what that means for her ability to lead the tomorrow people. Why wasn’t it a problem that they were together while John was in charge? Everything that Cara has said and done as leader has been in direct conflict with what she said and did when John was leader. She wasn’t concerned about their romantic relationship negatively impacting John’s ability to lead, but now it’s an issue. She didn’t have a problem contradicting John’s orders, but now she expects her orders to be obeyed without question. She didn’t have a problem going off and doing whatever it was she felt she had to do, but now she catches attitude whenever someone else does it. I would like to believe that the writers are going somewhere with Cara’s hypocrisy, but I don’t see any growth or positive change at all. The only thing that’s different is that John has decided to submit. That says more about the good guy John is and how smitten he is with Cara than it says about Cara actually being a good leader. I would really love to like Cara because there aren’t enough strong, smart, and engaging female characters on TV these days, but she falls short. The thing is that Cara is written as inconsistent and that’s a problem. Maybe if there was some sort of acknowledgement of her hypocrisy and clear evidence of her trying to do better, it wouldn’t bother me so much.

Hillary made a rather surprising admission to Stephen while they were hunting down the Red Avenger. Hillary actually agreed with Red and believed that Red is doing what the tomorrow people should be doing. She then told Stephen a traumatic story from her childhood about the night thugs forced their way into her house. It kind of sheds some light on why Hillary is so overly aggressive and uncompromising. Later on when Stephen asked her why she was still going after Red if she believed in what Red was doing, Hillary (ever the realist) essentially said that her personal feelings don’t matter because she still has to answer to Jedikiah. She’s not wrong. Although it seems that Hillary may be softening a bit, Stephen should still keep her at arm’s length. She’s shown that she’s not completely heartless, but unless she proves otherwise, I still think her number one goal is to look out for herself.

Jedikiah got the shock of his life when he and Morgan had a little rendezvous. Stephen wanted to try to read Jedikiah’s thoughts so they could figure out what that key opened, but Cara refused because she said it was too dangerous. However, John took Morgan topside anyway so she could get close to Jed and dig around in his head. Morgan wasn’t completely forthcoming with John about why she wanted to see Jed though. Morgan found out she was pregnant, and she wanted to test the waters with Jed to see how he felt about having children. After Jed basically told her that he didn’t want to have kids given everything that was going on between their two species, Morgan looked heartbroken. So she decided to do what John took her there to do, but when Jed felt her poking around in his head, he near about strangled her to death. If it hadn’t been for John, Jed would’ve killed her with his bare hands. I can see Jedikiah’s aversion to having children with Morgan, but the look on his face when John told him about Morgan’s pregnancy was priceless. It was a mix of shock, fear, anger, and confusion. It’ll be interesting to see how, or even if, this news changes him at all. It’s kind of difficult to tell with Jed, but I have a feeling that this is going to change his perspective. Will he still be so gung ho to destroy the tomorrow people knowing that he may have to one day kill his own child? Will he be involved in the child’s life at all? What if the child is born without any powers? Does that change anything for Jed? These are all questions I’m really looking forward to being answered as the season progresses.

All things considered, this was a good episode. I like the idea of the Red Avenger not being just one person but many people. It opens up many possibilities for the tomorrow people generally, but Russell in particular. I wouldn’t mind seeing him go off on his own from time to time and be a superhero. Stephen finally found Roger’s body, and now he and Jedikiah are going to have the confrontation that’s been brewing for a while. It looks like they may team up to go after The Founder, but that’s a shaky alliance at best. I’m still not sure just how much we can trust Jed. I guess only time will tell. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Tomorrow People?

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