Survivor Season 28 Review “Odd One Out”

After all of the hoopla and hype over this new “Brawn vs. Brain vs. Beauty” twist, Survivor turned everything on its head tonight with “Odd One Out”, as the three tribes merged into two. This always happens eventually in this game, but it does seem a little silly that we’re only in the fourth week and we’ve already merged so that the original separations no longer mean anything. It reminds me of the controversial Survivor: Cook Islands when the tribes were separated into tribes by race, but then the tribes were quickly merged so that the controversy was quickly a non-issue.

The reward challenge was a simple one, but effective. While these types of challenges may be fun to watch, they certainly don’t look very fun to play. I did like seeing some of the dirty moves that some players pulled, with Morgan getting caught in a headlock being my favorite. The most impressive player to me was Tasha, having barely moved at all in her entire round. I wouldn’t have guessed she was so strong!

There were a few interesting interactions resulting from the new tribe pairings. My favorite had to be that Trish at first talked about how shallow and high maintenance the members of the Beauty tribe would be, and then quickly seemed to fall in love with LJ. At first she tried to pass it off as a Boston thing, but then started talking about how he’s such a handsome gentleman. She topped it all off with her talk about twerking and constant laughter, making it really tough to watch. I didn’t think there was that big of a creepy age difference, though. She’s 48 and he’s 34. It’s not the 50 year old to the 20 year old thing that Lindsey was making it out to be.

It was pretty ironic that Trish thought the Beauty tribe to be so shallow and simple, and then we see them acting just like she imagined on their new Aparri tribe. It was a little weird that all of them thought to be so talky and were gossiping nonstop, since it just made them seem untrustworthy and desperate to the former Brains tribe. Another really cool moment came with Morgan finally being outed by Sarah. I love that a small decision that she made back in the first episode comes back to bite her in the butt, with Alexis seeing that she lied to her tribe and had a chance to look for an idol. It just goes to show that any decision you make at any point in this game can really matter.

The immunity challenge was really awesome, being just the right combination of brains and brawns, and it sent the majority of the old Brawn tribe to their first tribal council. I was just as shocked as Woo and Lindsey that Cliff was sent blindsided! There’s no way this guy was going to win the whole game or anything, because nobody is going to give a million dollars to a guy that played in the NBA for 18 years, but I would have thought that his team would keep him around a little longer for his strength in challenges. I guess that brawn can’t win you everything, and isn’t that really the message of this new season after all?

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Random Thoughts:

– The donuts and cookies looked really good, but I can’t imagine eating all that junk after being starving for the last few days. All that sugar would destroy me!

– I loved Cliff’s booming laugh as Spencer and Jeremiah feebly tried to rip him. They did better in their second try, but the dude barely budged the first time.

– What is up with all of the rain at tribal! Put a pop-up tent or tarp above them or something! It’s tough to pay attention to what Jeff is saying when he’s dripping wet.