Supernatural Season 9 Review “Blade Runners” – Role Reversal

Blade Runners

In this episode of Supernatural, called “Blade Runners,” Sam and Dean, with a little help from Crowley, track down the First Blade.

Signs of the Mark

Ever since Dean accepted the Mark of Cain, we’ve all been waiting to see what it would do to him and it looks like this episode gave us an answer. When Dean took hold of the Blade, I could almost feel the waves of rage emanating off of him. That moment has now become one of my favorite scenes, thanks to the beautiful acting job by Jensen Ackles. When you think about it, nothing much really happened – just some music and a little bit of glowing. But one look at Dean’s face and it was clear that we had all just witnessed something big. Dean is now under the Mark and the Blade’s control. They say that great power comes with great responsibility and it will be interesting to see how Dean will stay in control of this new power of his.

Long Live the King

I had a few thoughts about Crowley in this episode. My feelings for him ran the gambit from amusement to sympathy to perhaps a touch of pride and finally what I can only describe as relief. The amusement of course came from Crowley’s usual jokes and things like trying to steal candy. The sympathy came from watching him reach a new low and realizing that he was right, Sam and Dean were completely at fault for getting him addicted to blood. The pride came from realizing he wasn’t falling for Lola and the relief came when Crowley once again put on the mantle of King of Hell and gave the Winchesters the slip. It was then that I realized that, as much fun as it was to have Crowley at Dean and Sam’s mercy, I like my King of Hell to be a bastard. He’s just more fun that way.

Off With Her Head

Now the boys just have to figure out how to find Abaddon, get the Blade back from Crowley and let Dean kill her with it. Sounds simple, right? But there’s so much more to it than that. The idea of Dean going up against Abaddon, even with the Blade and pumped up from the Mark, is a scary prospect. There’s also the question of what Crowley will do once she is dead. Plus, there’s the question of what kind of permanent damage Dean might suffer because of the Mark and the battle. It makes me think that we are headed toward a moment where Sam will find himself in the same shoes that Dean found himself after Sam took on the Trials, with a dying brother who just sacrificed himself for the greater good. The question then will be – Will Sam let Dean go or will he do whatever it takes to save his brother? I for one cannot wait to see how this all plays out. I love the idea of Sam and Dean basically swapping places. It’s been a long time coming.

My favorite bits:

Crowley’s outgoing message. That is all.

Crowley apparently drunk-dialing Dean. The guy hasn’t even shown up in the episode yet and he’s already the funniest thing in it.

Crowley bawling his eyes out while watching Casablanca. What planet are we on again?

Sam and Dean breaking down and using a crossroads to call up a demon.

“Is that uh.”
“Well, that explains a lot.” – Indeed it does.

Kind of wanting to see Sam show Snooki the non-easy way.

Sam exorcising Snooki. Am I the only one who wished he could do that for real?

“See ya, Snooks.”

Crowley having a very human-like breakdown in front of the mirror.

Finding it extremely creepy that Crowley had a bag full of my type of blood. Why do demons and vampires always go for the AB negative?

Crowley trying to tell Sam and Dean they didn’t know what it was like to be a human. Um.what?

Crowley getting all choked up when he looked at Sam. Look who’s picked up a case of the feels.

Crowley stealing candy.

Dean pointing out that at least when Cas was human, he was an okay guy.

“Image! You’re the King of Rotten! Act like it!”

Crowley possessing the seller to find out the location of the blade. You gotta admit, he’s good.

“Compel? What might that involve?” – Naughty thoughts. Very naughty thoughts.

Crowley leering at one of Dean’s Busty Asian Beauty magazines.

“Oh, like he’s going to open his heart up to you lot? Because you’re such prizes?”
“Better. We’re legacies.”

Finding out that Magnus wanted to keep Dean, as part of his collection. Can we say creepy? (Haha! Loved that Dean said the same thing about two minutes after I thought it).

“Welcome to the collection, Dean.”

Crowley suggesting that he and Sam could get matching tattoos. Ha!

Magnus handing Dean the Blade. I don’t know exactly what happened at that moment, but it was all kinds of amazing.

Sam and Crowley to the rescue!

The look on Dean’s face when he saw Crowley walk in the room.

Dean chopping off Magnus’ head. WHOA.

Dean nearly letting the Blade completely take control. Was he about to hurt Sam??

“Demon mitts all over my baby!”

The demons leaving a message in Enochian on Dean’s car for Crowley.

Finding it incredibly stupid that Sam stood there and said they were done with Crowley… IN FRONT OF CROWLEY. What? Like he wasn’t going to hear that?

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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