‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Season 4): The UnAnswered Questions

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 24 A is for Answers (3)

The season finale of Pretty Little Liars aired last night on ABC Family and for once viewers got some real answers from the source: Alison DiLaurentis

But first, how about that unexpected appearance by Noel Kahn (recurring guest star Brant Daugherty) right where the four liars – Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer (series leads Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario) – are supposed to meet their not-so-dead best friend Alison (recurring guest star Sasha Pieterse).

And then there are all the revelations that Alison made to her four best friends about what really happened to her the night she was supposedly killed but actually disappeared because of “A” threatening her life.

But rather than talking endlessly about all the things Alison shared with the girls, let’s take a look at all the “what the hell” moments that provided us with more unanswered questions:

1. Toby went to London to see Melissa to tell her about Spencer’s relapse; and what does her not-so-nice sister do? She comes back to Rosewood? Really?! I didn’t think she had that kind of compassion still in her for her sister?

2. Why is Noel helping Allison? And, how do we know that he wasn’t the one in the black hoodie on the roof with the five girls and Ezra? After all, Noel took the girls’ cell phones and he was the only other one – besides the five girls – who knew where they were.

3. Who did Allison’s mom see hit her daughter over the head before she buried Allison alive; and why did Mrs. DiLaurentis think it was necessary to bury her daughter rather than checking to make sure she was actually dead or, at the very least, having a medical professional determine if she was really dead?

4. What in the world did Melissa say to her dad at the police station? While Spencer was in Philly with the other liars, the rest of the Hastings family was being questioned by Detective Holbrook (recurring guest star Sean Faris); and Papa Hastings was told something in whispers by his eldest daughter that put a look of shock on his face. What exactly did she tell him?

5. Who was in that black hoodie and mask on the roof? The person was obviously athletic enough to combat Ezra – who showed up just in time to attempt a rescue of the five girls on that roof (how exactly did he know they were there?!) – and that leap between the buildings wasn’t that easy either. So, who could it be: Spencer’s half-brother Jason (recurring guest star Drew Van Acker), Noel Kahn (but why would Ali trust him in the first place?) or… WHO?

6. And lastly, after getting shot by “A”, Ezra fell into the arms of his ex-love Aria and, of course, that scene ends with the girls screaming and freaking out, thinking that he is dead. But is he?!

Hopefully some of these questions will be answered when the fifth season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ premieres on ABC Family on June 10 at 8/7c.