Person of Interest Season 3 Review “/”


The best part of this week’s Person of Interest was the new opening sequence. It was extremely helpful to get a quick recap of our dueling bad guys and what’s been going on with Samaritan. It was also interesting to have Root’s voice alongside Finch’s giving us the intro spiel about the machine.

Root is back and doing the machine’s bidding. The machine first directs her to a car thief, Billy, on a prison transfer. Root busts him out, cleans him up, gets him to access a secured facility, and then has him re-arrested. She then moves onto her next target, Cyrus Grant, a janitor with a personal connection to her. But, she is not the only person with an interest in Grant. The machine also marks him as the next person of interest, which brings in Finch, Shaw, and Reese.

Vigilance is after Cyrus. Decima, the organization with the sinister old guy at the helm, is also after Cyrus because it wants to exploit his access to a restricted floor in the building he cleans. Decima is after the Maxwell chip, which can provide lightening speed processing for the Samaritan computer. Root recognizes the danger with this – if Samaritan powers up, whoever controls it will be able to target Team Machine and eliminate them.

Throughout the episode, Root displays a smug arrogance. She considers herself the right hand of the machine. It’s understandable – if you had a voice feeding you information on everyone, you’d probably be over-confident, too. Finch tries to warn her, but she ignores him. Root is convinced that she can protect Cyrus and does not anticipate that Decima will use electronic interference to sever her connection with the machine. Without the machine’s omnipresent eyes, Root doesn’t see Decima coming and Cyrus is kidnapped. Decima uses Cyrus to gain access to the chip. This is a big problem that sends the machine into danger mode.

The relationship between Root and Finch is starting to evolve in an interesting way. Root tells him that she has a connection to Cyrus – she is the person who murdered his friends and coworkers years ago. While Finch doesn’t trust her, he seems to be warming up to the idea of trying to save her. I’m still not convinced that Root can be saved.

I’m not a huge fan of Root’s suggestive comments to Shaw. They are starting to feel shticky. If they are going to hook up, let them do it – don’t just keep making these awkward jokes that fall flat. I did like the scenes with Reese and Fusco. It was fun to watch them both shooting their way through the building. I also liked the scene where Vigilance tries to lure Shaw to its side. I wouldn’t have anticipated her switching teams, but it was still great to see her to reaffirm her position against terrorism.

It will be exciting if Samaritan actually gets up and running. A battle between the two machines would be like a reimagining of War Games. It would be pretty cool if there were a team like Team Machine behind Samaritan. I’m also curious about what the bigger agenda is for Samaritan’s use. It can’t simply be to go after Finch and company. I hope next week’s episode continues along this thread.

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