Justified Season 5 Review “Weight”

Justified Season 5 Episode 10 Weight (2)

Sometimes I feel like Justified is deliberately trying to make my reviewing job difficult. Why does everyone’s name have to start with a “D”? Dilly, Dewey, Daryl, Danny, Duffy, Dickey. Let’s make my life easier and get rid of more of these guys (or embrace another letter). We got one more casualty, at least, when Danny trips and accidentally stabs himself.

When we start, the chase is on to track down Dewey and the stolen heroin. I love that Dewey never appreciates that he is not smart enough to pull off any significant criminal act. This is definitely the case this week when he decides to sell the massive drug load to a small time dealer. But, Dewey is cocky. It was great when Dewey likened himself to a “predator drone.” Dewey basically doesn’t have anyone on his side. He’s ratted out by the drug dealer and by Dickey Bennett.

Raylan is desperate to track down Dewey before Boyd and the Crowes. He goes to see Dickey Bennett and the two have a great exchange. Dickey tries to bargain with Raylan, and that does not go well. In the end, Raylan comes out with a clue on where to find Dewey.

Boyd gets distracted and leaves the Dewey problem to Daryl. Things aren’t going well for our Bonnie and Clyde. Ava tells Boyd that she doesn’t want him coming back to the prison to visit her. Boyd is understandably hurt, especially considering he just murdered the old guy for her. I guess Ava’s thinking that she just needs to accept her new life and that if she breaks up with Boyd, the prison guard won’t be able to exploit the relationship. Boyd doesn’t take it very well. He ends up kidnapping Fekus and demanding that he recant the testimony against Ava. Fekus refuses to do this, but confesses his love for Ava. This was just bizarre. From Fekus’ behavior, there was nothing to indicate that he was anymore than a crazy rapist. The worst part is that Boyd believes the guy and lets him go. Why, Boyd, why?

Ava has her own problems to deal with that go far beyond being framed for stabbing Fekus. Last week, the guard told her that she needed to kill Judith. Ava tries once and loses her window. She then learns that Judith prays every night alone in the chapel, when the cameras are conveniently off. Ava goes there with her shiv, but Judith knows what’s up. Ava confesses that she has the weapon, but that she doesn’t want to use it. She proposes that they instead come up with a strategy to keep the guards from extracting favors. Judith rejects that and attacks Ava. In self-defense, Ava stabs Judith multiple times and leaves her for dead. It had to go down this way, because it would have been a very dark turn if Ava had committed murder without provocation. This way, she doesn’t look that bad – it’s self-defense.

The most shocking scene was the fight between Wendy and Daryl. Wendy lands one punch before he goes ballistic on her. I kept hoping that Kendal would come into the room and shoot Daryl. Instead, after severely beating Wendy, Daryl cozies up to Kendal and they become blood brothers. I hope that Wendy gets her revenge.

Raylan worries that the Crowes are going to come after Allison, so he asks Art for her to get a protective detail. Art says that he will take care of her, which sets us up for some significant drama next week. I really hope they don’t kill Art, but I think that might be coming.

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