Criminal Minds Season 9 Review “The Edge of Winter”

After a dark and entertaining episode last week, Criminal Minds returned tonight with “The Edge of Winter”. We’ve only got three episodes left in this season after tonight, so I was hoping for this installment to give us an idea of how this season will end. The series has already been renewed for a tenth season, so I’m always hoping that they’ll end the season in a cliffhanger since they already know they’re coming back.

Tonight’s installment was another flashback episode, which Criminal Minds will do from time to time. We’ll hear about cases that have already been included, and are now being rehashed in the present day for some reason. I’m OK with this plot device in general, but there needs to be some reason for why they’re doing it. There needs to be a reason for the whole case to take place in the past, so the present day storyline needs to be interesting enough to deserve it. If it’s not interesting, then why not just set the whole story in the present?

Well the case from the past was pretty boilerplate stuff, with an Unsub kidnapping and killing young men and women. The main victim was Daria Samsen, played by Aasha Davis. I’ve never seen Davis in anything since she played Beverly Grady on Friday Night Lights a few years ago, but she did a pretty good job here. She definitely overacted a few of her scenes, but I guess she did have some pretty horrific things to portray.

The big twist at the end that Daria was the one who killed all of the victims was pretty cool, but it was already telegraphed to us when Daria told us that she loved Joe. I’m also not quite sure why there had to be a time jump between the past and future scenes, though. Why couldn’t they have just interviewed Daria after she escaped and found out that she was a willing participant at that point? Why did we have to jump back and forth like that? It didn’t make much sense to me, especially considering nothing really changed with Daria’s situation. She’s just staying in the mental institute, just like she was when we met her.

So tonight’s episode really didn’t move anything forward to the season finale, which is a bit of a disappointment. We had so much buildup last season with The Replicator, and we haven’t had anything like that this season. I’m hoping to get something in the next few weeks, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Random Thoughts:

– So…what exactly was Carrie’s plan with that escape attempt? You were going to wait until the kidnappers fell asleep and then…loudly smash a window and run away? Did you not think that would wake them up?

– The twist of who the killer really was had a serious Fight Club/Tyler Durden feel to it.

What’s up with Rossi recently? I poked fun at him last night for his strange one-liner “I was bit by a rabid fox once”, and now this week his only two lines in the pre-credits scene were lame one-liners like “Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore!” It seems like they’re just keeping him around for goofy one-liners now, or for stating the obvious. Everybody else in the team seems to serve some kind of purpose, or have some kind of specialty, but he doesn’t really do anything. It’s never bothered me in the past, but now it seems like they’re making spouting one-liners his “thing”, which is a little hokey. Hopefully it goes away soon.