Lost Girl Season 4 Review “Waves”


At the end of last week, Bo dropped a pretty big bombshell when she showed up at the Dal with Reiner. In a complete 180 from last week, Kenzi becomes the champion of giving Bo her space and urges Dyson and Lauren to back off. This may have been one of those times when some friendly interference would have been a good idea.

We finally fill in the blanks on Bo’s time on the train. In flashbacks, we see her first introduction to Reiner, who claims not to know who she is or why she was kidnapped. Reiner is definitely smart. He rebuffs her, which is the quickest way to get her attention. Bo is used to everyone falling all over her, so a guy who doesn’t is like catnip. Reiner even goes so far as to claim that he doesn’t know Bo is a succubus and that she’s unaligned. I’m not buying it for a second. He’s playing her way too easily.

Reiner tells Bo that he has the power of foresight in battle and that for this he was cursed. We know the Blood King cursed him, but he doesn’t volunteer that information to Bo. Instead, he claims that he can’t remember who cursed him, took his power or why he’s on the train. He plays the ever-alluring mix of an aloof and tortured soul. He almost puts the moves on Bo, but then makes a production about struggling to hold back. At that point, he’s got her.


I’d like to send a heartfelt message to Lost Girl – Thank you, Lost Girl. Thank you for all the shirtless Reiner scenes.


Bo later finds a butterfly under a bell jar and has some kind of flashback to her childhood. The butterfly comes to life just as Reiner comes in. Game over. Bo and Reiner hook up and Bo falls head over heels like a grade school girl. Reiner tells her that when she gets off the train, she will forget about this. To prevent that, Bo sets up the clues that will lead her back to him. Her coup-de-gras is to align herself with the dark. If she does this, she will relentlessly pursue how it happened, which will lead her back to Reiner. Bo says that when she returns, she’ll get his power back, destroy the contract, and save him from the train. Reiner puts the hand mark on her chest, and I’m still not quite sure how that works. There has to be something to it to explain Bo’s over-devotion to Reiner.


Meanwhile, Kenzi, Dyson, and Lauren are keeping busy with their latest fae investigation. Kenzi brings in a woman who says she worked for Alaria, a biotech company, and that while swimming in the company pool, something cut off her legs. It’s kind of odd that Alaria is similar to the Ilaria biotech corporation in Helix. They decide to send Dyson and Kenzi undercover into the company.

In a wonderful Kenzi twist, she puts Dyson in the role of mail clerk and takes an executive role for herself. It doesn’t take her long to start snooping and find us a secret lab full of severed legs. This discovery combined with Lauren’s deduction that a pearl from the pool is actually a crystallized salt deposit leads to the conclusion that they’re dealing with mermaids. Kenzi’s response is fantastic. She is enraptured with mermaids courtesy of a certain Disney cartoon. I loved her comment that mermaids brush their hair with forks.


They send Lauren in as bait and capture the rampaging mermaid. She turns out to be the sibling of Alaria’s CEO and the legless client. Lauren foils their plan to steal more legs by dousing them with tap water and turning them into sea foam. It’s a tight and tidy mystery solved that did a great job of bringing all three of our supporting characters together.


Things go seriously off the rails for Bo, though. At Reiner’s urging, they confront the Una Mens. He uses his returned power of foresight to help Bo anticipate the impending blows. The Una Mens goes too far by threatening to kill Bo’s friends and she snaps. They slaughter the Una Mens in a particularly dark moment. Bo’s final kill was shocking because she was in a position of total dominance; she wasn’t striking out in self-defense.


Trick comes to see Bo after and warns her that Reiner will try to get her to harm the Una Mens and she shouldn’t do it. Too late. With the Una Mens dead, all of their power goes back and is concentrated in the origin seed that was stolen from Trick. At the end, we see a bloody hand reaching for it, but don’t know who it is, yet.

Things aren’t looking good for our gang. But, I am hoping that Reiner is going to stay around as a big bad for a while.

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