Star-Crossed Review Season 2 “Dreamers Often Lie”

Dreamers Often Lie

The Atrians traded places with the humans this time around in tonight’s Star-Crossed. After seeing Emery, Julia and the gang visit the Atrain’s sector, Roman and the rest where able to spend time exploring how the others live in “Dreamers Often Lie”. While Julia shopped and enjoyed all of the fun things with Lucas, Roman was on a mission to the bayou in the hopes that a fairy tale among his people is actually a reality. His findings were bitter sweet after Gloria tells him about a mutual love between his father and her. It also looks like he has a sibling he doesn’t even know about who is sent down the bayou to safety after Roman leaves unaware of what he had actually found.

The best part of the episode was when Roman finally acknowledges Emery at the end of the episode. It looks like the show runners are going to keep these two far away from another for a while longer with Emery busy with Grayson and his troubles with the Red Hawks. It looks like Emery is Grayson’s saving grace after his episode in the bar.

The bathroom scene between Drake and Taylor was also unexpected. It looks like Drake is going to pay for his relations with a human and for following Zoe into the woods with the cube on the mission. The bathroom did however spark a surprising connection between Taylor and Teri. These two seemed like the last pair to sit down and talk to another even if their was a bit of hostility to between them. Drake does make it out of the woods but with only threats to lead the charge against the humans while Roman seems confused about his mission and his father.

Tell us what you thought about the latest episode of ‘Star-Crossed’. Will there be backlash against Taylor? Will Roman find out more out Gloria and his father? Leave your comments below.