A&E Pulls ‘Those Who Kill’ From the Schedule

Those Who Kill Episode 1 Pilot (1)

[Update: A&E has moved Those Who Kill to LMN]

Effective immediately, Those Who Kill has been pulled from A&E’s schedule.

According to Deadline, the moody serial killer drama starring Chloe Sevigny will be relaunched at a later date. For now, Bates Motel is returning to its former 10pm home beginning with tonight’s episode “Caleb.” Bates Motel‘s second episode was down in the ratings, however since the series is Those Who Kill‘s lead-in, it is not likely the Danish adaptation’s fault– however Bates Motel could get a boost from moving back into its season one timeslot.

Those Who Kill‘s first two episodes drew dismal ratings, however A&E seems committed to airing the entire 10 episode run…just not right now. Were you watching Those Who Kill or have you had your fill of grim murder mysteries?

  • mikemt98

    I like the show. It took a while to understand the basic story line & understand the characters, but I think it’s got potential. It reminds me of “Low Winter Sun” & “The Bridge”. I liked those too, but it was a little difficult remembering the lesser characters. I don’t understand network mentality – who do they survey about TV shows? I’ve never been asked about any show. Another good one was “Southland”, probably the best cop show on TV on TNT. It was on NBC but the dummies dropped it & TNT picked it up. What is the mentality of the viewing audience? Shows like Two Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory & other dumb shows get renewed & good drama series don’t. Just sayin……

    • Ron Pampanini

      I would like to know your thought process on “dismal ” response. There are so few good shows on TV anymore and it was great to watch one you could really get in to. We loved Those who kill, and hope some narrow minded suit doesn’t get the last word on this series. I would love to see ev en more than 10 episodes.

    • BoydCrowder22

      this crapola was like the Bridge? …you can not be serious……Bridge is must watch…this was 1 and done !

  • RockyMom

    I like the show too.

  • Linda Croner

    Please give this show a chance. I liked it.

  • clara-d

    I’m wondering why a poll isn’t taken by the watchers as to determine whether a show should be pulled or not. I thought this show had a lot of potential and was exciting with good acting.

  • Marty

    I loved the show, the story moved a little slow, but I recorded it and got it the second time around. I hope A & E bring it back soon.

  • Curlzz2

    I Love Those Who Kill!! A&E please bring it BACK ASAP!

  • Jay Harkrader

    I really liked the show hope they show the rest of the episodes

  • Cassie

    I love the show and was so sad today when looking to watch it!!!! Hope they do as they say and air the series!!!!!!! Love love it was so hooked after the first episode!

    • breachborn

      Was looking forward too.
      In fact I actually thought to myself during the 2nd episode b/c I appreciate the intelligence of the production ” Now watch they are going to can it”. Damn if they didn’t. With all the tripe that is touted as good tv INCLUDING those reality shows … uneffenbelievable.

  • italyinstalyin

    great show! Keeps me guessing. Great characters that we were just getting to see develop. Love seeing familiar parts of Pittsburgh in it. This show would probably thrive in a different time slot. It’s up agaist Intelligence and The Blacklist just to name two. pick a different weeknight and ratings will soar!

  • Kristi23

    I really liked it! Please keep!!

  • Suz With The News

    What is matter with these networks. They go to all the trouble to produce a show and then yank it after 2 showings. Was it to gruesome for network tv.? Have you seen Banshee? Maybe Cinemax or Audience can pick it up.

  • Ninny

    I am wondering why u would pull it after just 2 episodes. I hadn’t heard about this new show. I just stumbled upon it. Which I am hooked. I was searching for it couldn’t find it. So I had to search online about it. So I’m really annoyed they pulled it. I was hooked to see what happened next.Please bring it back asap!!!

    • John N Ashley Payne

      Thats what I did to 🙁

  • TWKfan

    The show is well done and part of what makes it so good is its gritty, raw and brutally honest. Punches are not pulled with this show, whether it is dialogue or the actions and decisions by the characters. For some it could be triggering, so if you have abuse in your past, please be aware of this. Another thing that I really like is that all the main characters are broken, flawed, and imperfectly perfect, but without those cracks, inner demons, and past experiences they wouldn’t have developed the “skills” or “talents” that make them characters that draw you in.

    Please A&E, do not forget to bring the remaining episodes, I am hooked. A&E has been wonderful, daring, and exciting with the dramas they have been airing. I would love more shows that are of the same caliber of “American Horror Story” (any season), “Bates Motel” and less shows like “Duck Dynasty”, which is fake, scripted, and is a total mimic. (They were rich and yuppies who grew some beards and put on some cammo, then does their best mockery or rednecks.)

  • Alysaaaaaaaa

    This show was awesome!! Please bring it back!!!!! I like it better than Bates motel.

  • Qu301

    I agree with all of you. I really liked the show. Its as good as the Killing and Low Winter Sun. Gritty is what makes these shows good. I count on networks like A&E,FX and others to give us those shows because the crap on the major networks is terrible. Taking this show off after two episodes is wrong. This list goes on and on from shows like The Black Donnelly’s to Southland and many others. They really need to do some research on who makes these decisions.

  • Shannah VS Shawnie

    I liked the show. Hope it comes back.

    • Nicole

      It was just getting into to the plot when it was pulled. Would have liked to got a chance to see how things came together.

    • Michele Massey

      Any show i like is cancelled! Loved the killing cancelled twice! I give up ill just watch Two Broke girls i guess with the rest of the morons out there!

  • Critt Shirk Collins

    I love Bates Motel!!!….but I also love the show Those Who Kill!!!!….it needs to be put back on the air ASAP!!!!….. I just found out tht it was taken off the air and I cried!!!….because I looked forward to Mondays for Bates Motel and Those Who Kill!!!!….please bring it back!!!

    • breachborn

      Bates Schmates.
      hah couldn’t resist. ( ;

  • Grinmajann

    I LOVED this show..granted it is not for the faint at heart, but there are those of us out there that appreciate this kind of show..I look for drama in a how and this definitely has it (albeit very dark drama).

    • jessica

      Great show!!! Bring it back asap!

  • gary

    I loved it ! Who the hell makes these decisions? Probably some stupid duck dynasty idiot !

  • Ann Lucido

    Typical ignorant network move. Let’s watch Honey Boo Boo instead. A&E should be ashamed. The show was great and Chloe Sivegny awesome as always. Intelligence loses again!

    • Bring back TWK

      I’m a big Bates fan, but i was looking forward to watching THK
      More than Bates tonight. Just found out IM PISSED

  • Susan

    I loved the show Those Who Kill. I changed my work schedule just to watch the show. Due to it being pulled I will no longer even watch anything on A&E. !!!! I am one person but I will share my feelings. Bad choice when there are such tasteless shows still on TV

  • Madessa Dampf

    Just getting good…give it another chance please!! With those who kill and bates motel there was 2 hours of entertainment. Made me look forward to Monday nights.

  • Randy Parker

    I loved it! Was looking forward to tonight. There is a lot of good TV on Monday night though. Prob need more lead up in advertising

  • Punkinstew

    I like the premise of the show. As, I do enjoy the dumb down shows like Big Bang
    Theory I too ask who are those surveyed to keep or cancel a show? “The Killing”,
    “The Bridge” “Rogue” are shows I thought were well written and captivating. Reality
    TV is the worst thing to happen to TV in my 64yrs.

  • dawnnewsome3

    I liked the show! I really wanted to know more about the character’s past. I think there was a lot of potential there!

  • Nunu

    What the hell???? Why did they do this??? I was hooked first episode!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  • Stacy Vann-Faulkner

    I Loved The Show. Great Writing and Acting. I’m shocked it’s not on tonight. I was so looking forward to it. The one show I really started to get in to since Breaking Bad. I’m really disappointed.

  • C&J12

    I have to say that I am HOOKED!!!! Please bring this show back. My Heart is so broke I was so looking forward to watching this show tonight, and now it’s not airing someone should be fired for this. Ok just joking about that part. but I do Love this show and want to see the rest of the episodes PLEASE.♥♥♥♥♥!

  • Anna

    I liked the show!!!! Couldn’t wait to watch it tonight, now this!!!!!!!!! Can’t be

  • Linda P

    I planned on watching TWK tonight BUT read that A&E decided to pull the show! It’s a shame that smart drama does not win the popularity contest! I, too, like The Bridge and Low Winter Sun. I’m convinced that “moronic” is the mantra of the masses who watch network TV. Or at least who the network execs cater! HBO’s True Detective was equally as dark and slow getting started. Maybe Netflix could pick it up and air it all at once like House of Cards.

  • Amy

    I loved this show!! I couldn’t wait until tonight’s episode and it was pulled! When is it coming back?

  • HeatherB

    For once, casting didn’t pick some young skinny characterless bimbo chick as the female lead. Chloe Sevigny is terrific, believable, shaky, fragile, strong, scary, deep, flawed and interesting. Give us that show back immediately!

  • Lindsay Harris

    WTF!!! I was totally looking forward to Monday nights on A&E w/ Bates and Those Who Kill. BRING IT BACK!!!

  • Emily

    I loved the show! Chloe Sevigny and James D’Arcy are incredibly talented and the remainder of the cast are awesome.. It deserves a chance to get settled in and win an audience. I was really looking forward to Monday nights, now it’s gone… *cries*

  • myrtlesue

    I loved the show. Caught my interest right away. I got bored with Bates Motel. Please bring it back. I really interested……

  • Lindsay Harris

    PS… Shouldn’t they rerun the first 2 episodes a couple of times and then air a few more new episodes to make sure people didn’t just miss the first episodes? Very likely since the show was new they missed the episodes and planned to catch a rerun and start watching new episodes when they aired. I mean I’m no network exec. but….

  • MrsKMR2U

    A show I actually liked and it gets pulled. I think they poll the wrong people.

  • Heather

    While I completely agree with returning Bates to 10pm (I tried to catch the later showing last week & was pissed & disappointed that it was the previous week’s episode! Not cool, A&E…not cool), I’m against them jerking TWK completely off the line-up! It was just starting to get interesting, after slogging through an abundance of slow moments. I like Chloe & feel like the show has potential. I really hope they’ll bring it back…showing it at 9pm or 11pm would be ideal for me. I like how some networks are now doing popular shows at their normal time & then re-showing them in the same cycle except 1-2 hrs later. Works wonders for those of us without a DVR. 🙂

  • funnycatloverr

    I love this show and I’m greatly upset that they pulled it off air. They need to put it back on like right now! It’s unfair to the people who wanted to watch it. I think that they should keep Those Who Kill and cut DD.

  • samifab

    spectacular show! definitely should keep it around. 🙂

  • Richard

    I was really getting into it…bring it back A&E

  • lovelyginger

    I was really enticed by this show and was looking forward to this week’s. I think a poll is in order too, I love these strange, sadistic, dark themed shows. Pulling it just totally killed my mood :/ I’m glad a&e is giving it a second chance I just hope it doesn’t take too long. I know there are a lot of people who agree with me.

  • Cheryle Elliott

    The lineup of Bates Motel and Those Who Kill right after was ideal. My family and I both enjoyed having Bates at an earlier time. We are all deeply distraught by this change.

  • jpmorhan99

    I am so pissed they took that show away. I was looking forward to seeing it tonight. I know that was going to be a good show and now I have to watch out for when its coming back on. I so looked forward to MONDAYS and I was so excited for a new show. That was stupid they could have just switched the times of the show.

  • pat miller

    Was anticipating 9:00 for Bates and Those Who Kill…….shame on you A&E!!! Bad decision! Seriously. How many rerun Bates motels and shipping/ storage wars do u think people want to see? I’m about to remove ur channel from my favorites button. You had a winner and u cancel it after 2 episodes…????? Wow! U dont even know what your viewers actually like..do u? Get some management that’s in touch with ur viewers before u lose us all! Again….wow…..!

  • rodoco

    Big mistake. Good show and characters. Chloe A+
    Try Friday night 9 or 10 PM slot.

  • Lori Hakes Fohrd

    I like this show. How do you take it off after only two episodes. I’d much rather watch shows like this than all these stupid reality shows that seem to be on every channel. Please bring it back.

  • tvbv

    Like it! Had my doubts in the beginning but by the end of ep 2 I was hooked. That didn’t take long! Very disappointed it’s gone.


    As usual, some bean counter didn’t like the numbers after two weeks. Allowing a CPA to dictate decisions like this will always result in an abysmal failure.

  • Lamont Parker

    WTF!! They always do this….BRING THE SHOW BACK!!! I like this show…give it at least ONE MORE SEASON!!! This is just a bad time for new shows thats all!!!

  • Nicole

    I liked the show was looking forward to tonight’s show

  • Crs

    Bring it back!

  • Robin Mitchell

    Those Who Kill was great…kill that crappy Bates show and bring TWK back.

  • guardballmom

    This was an awesome show. I am so disappointed in A&E. How can you just drop it after 2 episodes. I was looking foward to watching this all week, then to just being let down by you. Please put it back on and give it a chance.

  • Dianne

    I liked that show!!!!!

  • Jose Lopez

    Well, at least, they are rescheduling it unlike “The Assets” where they don’t even have the rest of the episodes on the ABC website to watch.

  • Lauren

    I thought Those Who Kill was GREAT!!! They were JUST delving into her whole step father story and left a pretty big cliff hanger, with the killer who got that pregnant woman last week. I’m pissed!!! And they will “air all 10 episodes at a later date”???? Why?!?!? They only aired 2 episodes, give it a shot A&E!!!! And at LEAST finish what u started!!!!!!!! BRING THOSE WHO KILL BACK!!!!!!! This is B.S.!!! My fiance and I were super excited to watch tonights episode….now I’m irritated.

  • wildergirl

    There’s not enough great psychologically challenging shows out there and this was a good one. It has intrigue, confusion, and leaves you wondering if you go it right. I was looking forward to watching tonight after Bates; then disappointing. Other commenters are right on about who the heck are you polling for surveys and ratings? Hoping the number of comments here grows to the point A&E will listen. What ‘later date’? let us see the 10 episodes. Thank you.

  • Mrsmocha

    I like the show

  • Marleysbud

    TWK was edgy and the characters interesting. I was looking forward to another episode only to find it was pulled by A&E. How sad considering all the sub-par programming that should be pulled!

  • April Thorpe Lee

    I think this show is great! Bring it back A&E it’s better than most shows on your channel it’s better than Bates motel!!!

  • Jessgo

    I really like the show bring it back on, its new what do you expect with low ratings after only 2 shows. give it some time. it’s really good!!

  • Kim

    I was really into that show!! I DVRed and watched it when everyone went to bed. Hubby likes different shows, lol. I hope they bring it back!

  • Nweber205

    It was a little slow but I wish they would have given it a little more time

  • Anonymous

    Love the show! And bates motel sucks that’s why the ratings going down!

  • gary

    Who wants to watch bates motel twice in a row? WTF A&E sucks!

  • Carina

    I liked the show and I was so confused about the time change. Please don’t drop the show.

  • justin

    wtf…. show didn’t even get a chance.. put it back on! its better than that CSI new York, L.A crap!

  • justin

    I waited all week for the another episode of Bates motel and Those who Kill. I turn on the tv at 9:15 expecting to start bates from my DVR until I catch up live then watch Those who kill afterwards. Bates didn’t even start until 10pm and there wasn’t Those who kill on the guide. I get on this damn website looking for an explanation and find that the show has been pulled. lame f*^ks at A&E

  • Ida conley

    I love those who kill nd bates motel..cannot wait for the relaunch

  • John N Ashley Payne

    Gurr im so freaking mad I watched bates motel for nothing n my show isn’t even on!?!?!? Noooo lets protest!!!! Who’s with me put it back on plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • chuck

    Hard to understand what formula is required to keep good shows on the air. Chloe Sevigny has had two shows, this one and “Hit & Miss, hit hard times despite really good acting and writing. Apparently complexity and emotional nuance aren’t worth tv time.


    it is a good show! very disappointed when i couldn’t find it tonight. grrrrrr!

  • Bryan R.

    I was watching n was looking forward to the next episode n was very diapointed when it was not on

  • Nina Decosta

    My husband and I loved the show!! When will it relaunch?

  • Tired of realityshows

    So once more another show I enjoy and it gets pulled. The same thing happened with amc the killing. and of course we3 get stuck with a but load of reality shows…

  • KB

    The show was whack glad they pulled it. They pulled it because of ratings people. Many people really didn’t like the show. Anyway onto the next!

  • Stacy78

    Looooove it. Please bring it back

  • Calvin Mason

    I was looking forward to today’s show. I was surprised when I read how bad critics thot abt this show when I read what I read on Rotten Tomatoes. Then ep 2 had a real bad stupid scene that looked so poorly executed where 3black dudes go to smoke a blunt on a peer and discover a dead body. I like seriously? I was as if the director told his 7yr old to direct the scene and when he tried to show it to his dad the dad was like its ok, I don’t need to see it. just put it in.

  • Susan Thompson

    I really liked it! Reminded me of The Killing. Please bring it back SOON!

  • erica

    Plz bring those who kill back

  • Adcockmlynn

    I love the show. Schaefer and Catherine have chemistry, and they’re both so mysterious you keep waiting to find out more of their story. Hope it comes back soon!

  • Matken

    I loved the show especially Chloe Sevigny who is a fascinating actor. I can’t recall a character with such demons. Hopefully, the show will continue and gain an audience.

  • Murk King

    The only problem with the show that I couldn’t get my head around, the main women’s haircut was offensive it offended my eyes.
    Other then that good tv with what seemed to have a strong story line emerging. shame the people don’t vote

  • disappointed viewer

    i was totally absorbed by this shows character depth & multilayered plot line.
    It was a show you really had to pay attention to while watching.Every time a show like this comes along which is not often it is not given a chance to find it’s viewership. Really, after 2 shows???

  • Tresa Tuttle

    What morons pick what’s good and what’s not? I liked that show! Here I am thinking my dvr’s broken. I had to go looking online to see where my show went. I am not interested in Norman Bates! Put it back on. This is why people stop paying for cable and go to Netflix people! Get a clue!

  • Christina Dials Gallegos

    Love it!

  • At

    I really enjoyed the show! I liked it better than Bates Motel lol! It wasn’t your typical cop drama…more exciting. Bring it back, please!!!!

  • jen

    I loved the show!! I agree with some that it took some time to fully understand and you really had to pay attention but the acting is superb and so is the writing. I will be so mad if they don’t bring it back because it already has us invested in so many different parts of the show. The show definitely is not for everyone but this is why how they decide how a show is doing is not perfect because maybe those that have the boxes who are the reviewers just happen to not like this type of show. It is better than most shows of this type on tv and I think it is as good as bates motel. Maybe they should try again putting it after Bates Motel to bring in new viewers and just replay the first 2 episodes. Please bring it back!!!!

  • Melissa Masters Mello

    I waz looking forward to it had it set series record on dvr an seen it waz not any schedule…but really look forward to it coming back!!

  • Linda MacBride

    I like the show Please give the show a chance l quit watchng A&E because the network cancel Glades I was so angry

  • Tam

    I have been on the internet for about an hour trying to remember what station and name of this show because it was sooooooooooo good. Then I read this mess that it has been pulled. I’m so upset I really enjoyed that show, please bring it back on because I did watch.

  • kgb

    this sucks…. I really wanted to see where the show goes…

  • TaSiya Beckett


  • MinervaRod

    Bring it back! The show was so grim, but I loved that about it.

  • Shana

    I like the show! Please bring it back.

  • b

    Why I really liked this show I hope they put it back on soon
    . I was looking for it last night and wondering where it was and also looking on demand . Im disapointed

  • Jennifer Louk

    I really like this show and hope it comes back soon. I am a huge crime, murder TV show/documentary fan. To me there are not enough of them.

  • unberto

    I liked the show and was looking forward to more of them. It has great acting and keeps you on your toes with the action and characters.

  • Janet May

    Loved it right off the bat! I was so pissed when I went to watch it last night and it was just gone!!! Bring it back!!!!!!!! I am also hooked on Bates motel.

  • bear17

    I don’t get it … it may have drawn dismal ratings because I found it by accident , I thought it was excellent wish they (whoever they are) would bring it back , I should find out where they get the ratings from and sign up

  • brianna

    That’s one of the best shows out right now…Bates motel has . Nothing on those who kill

  • Gindasa

    Bring it back!!! I waited ALL week to see what was going to happen next!!! It A&E bring it back or give it to Netflix!!!!!

  • tmmy723

    I like the show also. Give it a chance

  • Michael J. Barcus

    i like the show and would like to see the rest of the season at least before they yank it!! WTF people

  • Troy Dibz

    I don’t see how for the life of me they are comparing Bates Motel to Those Who Kill?That had to be a cover up to something much bigger but they gonna lose money, cause that’s one of the top shows on A&E to me.It was like a Law &Order/Scandal series for A&E..Who’s in charge of this foolishness,and what happened to the voice of the people?

  • John

    I really like Duck Dynasty but it re-runs all night seemingly every other night. A&E definitely has enough time on the clock to stick with this show and let it get off the ground. The characters were just starting to develop and get interesting and switching over to another Law & Order re-run is just bland.

  • TrueFan

    Wth? I like the show! I watched it back to back…..Bates Motel, then Those who kill!!!! Bring it back!!!!

  • Casey Ann Hodge

    I loved this show. Very disappointed it has been pulled..

  • nick

    I loved the first episode. Who decides to take the goof stuff off? Chloe is awesome in this character esp after seeing her in Big Love for so many years! Bring it back already. Bates Motel sucks.

  • granny

    Well I was watching and don’t appreciate sitting down for my A&E Lineup i.e. Bates Motel& Those Who Kill only to see its not on and no reason why! A&E You could have at least put a broadcast on to let us know you yanked the show! I certainly hope you plan to show it to those of us who enjoy a deep crime show not like all the rest we see week after week.

  • Curly 83

    This is freaking crap they have pulled the plug on yet another show that I loved first the glades and now those who kill

  • Stephen Browny Brown

    put those who kill back on! it was awesome. networks are stupid.

  • Los

    we LOVE the show! So disappointed!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!

  • Streamit

    This is the reason why I just wait till shows are a few seasons in a then binge watch. I decided to give this show a chance and we liked it. But they decide to just pull it. Well I guess we will wait to shows get a few seasons under their belt and just stream them. Way to lose another viewer A&E.

  • You suck A&E

    That’s why I don’t start watching new shows. They pull the best shows off the air maybe they should market better and the ratings would be their this was a great show each character had so much anguish and then putting them together was brilliant what a waste A&E

  • Erin

    I love Those Who Kill

  • Jennifer Williams

    I loved the show I hope they bring it back

  • deezol


  • Stella

    I really hope to see this series come back. Just when I was getting into it…just l like Break out Kings, I really liked that show too and it was also pulled……bummer

  • Sybil.eve_bates

    Perhaps cable companies should consider offering viewers a place to voice their opinion. 2 episodes is hardly enough to make the decision to pull it.

  • Susie

    It’s a bit gritty, but one of the few new shows I have actually gotten interested in. I sincerely hope it comes back. If you like who don its and aren’t squeamish, you will love this one!

  • Mary

    I love the Show! I really hope A&E brings it back.

  • Chris

    They probably just pulled it to get all these reactions from us. Great show by the way and I’m sure they’ll put it back on. Something has to replace their other shows. Those Who Suck include but are not limited to Storage Wars, Dog the BH, Duck Dynasty and the list goes on…… If the ratings weren’t good for Those Who Kill it’s only because their other shows have been killing the ratings for the channel in general.

  • Kdub

    I just went to catch up on last night’s episode and it’s all gone!!! I can’t believe it. PLEASE bring it back ASAP!!

    • KentJ

      I also was a fan of this show. I don’t know how networks can expect a show to build a following in just two weeks. I mean word of mouth takes time. I suppose the Andy Griffith show would have been canceled after two weeks if it came out today….

  • Colleen

    I loved it! So bummed to not have it this week to watch. Hopefully it won’t take long to find a new time slot. I was just bragging about it at work tonight!

  • Motogp

    Bring it back what are you doing ????

  • Bob G.

    Sad fact of TV life, no matter how good a show is, it comes down to ratings. However, the powers to be need to give a show time to find an audience. Plenty of successful shows were almost cancelled in their first year. Seinfeld, MASH, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends and ER to name a few.

  • Eva666

    Please give this show a chance to get its audience, maybe another night, Mondays have so many great prime time shows, Tuesdays & Thursdays could use a great show like this one. We need more dark crime dramas, reminds me of The Killing, True Detectives and Hannibal. Seems like they could have let it run for a few more weeks and tried a little more advertising, I found it by accident, hadn’t even heard of it if I hadn’t seen it in Entertainment Weekly. Please bring it back soon, I miss it already!

  • jimmy

    Good concept. Horrid acting.


    your should definately run the show. i really enjoyed it. and would really like to see more. hell it was filmed out side where i live. and im super interested.

  • fsgfdsgfdgfdsgfdsgfdsfgd

    I was/am in. Let’s kill.

  • dragonheart

    As a viewer that has enjoyed the take a chance attitude of A&E choices on shows-sans” Long mire” I am not happy with pulling a potential winner “Those Who Kill” after two episodes-solid acting showing characters with all their flaws and inspired story lines make this a possible winner-don’t we remember Seinfeld, Cagney and Lacey and The Walton’s??? The fans wrote and brought them back- before all these new cable channels- please let the fans and public know WHEN you will be showing these final 10 episodes and give them a decent time slot!!! I loved the show-

  • Lambo69

    This is a really good show! A&E doesnt know what they are doing pulling this show! Totally disgusted

  • amyjo57

    I really liked the first one and even commented that the director made me jump and that is unusual for any tv show. The second episode was not nearly as engaging, and I was a bit lost. I do hope they bring it back, we need a true dark series on regular cable, many of us refuse to spend that much. Great opening show.

  • Kelly

    I too liked the show and could not find it on my guide and now I know why. I think it as some nice twists and I was looking forward to seeing how the plots twist. I hate being left hanging when it comes to my shows. Way too many network do this kind of thing all the time,frustrating!!!

  • Maggiethecat

    When I first started watching A&E years ago it was exactly what it said Arts and Entertainment. Now I don’t even know the

  • Maggiethecat

    When I first started to watch A&E years it was a great channel….the only reason I watch it now is for shows like Those Who Kill, Bates Motel, Longmire. The other stupid stuff you have on like Duck Dynasty and all the other garbage is just that. I was very disappointed when I looked for Those Who Kill and found out A&E had pulled it. Get you act together, your initials mean Arts and Entertainment not bullshit things that you now show.

  • JanetD

    I really like the show more then Bates Motel. Bring it back!

  • Suspiria

    I like the show and can’t wait for the remaining episodes to air. That said the biggest weakness of the show is that lead character is so unlikeable. I can see why more people aren’t watching it.

  • Isey

    I am thrilled A&E will air all ten episodes!!! This is a great show and I was shocked
    when it was pulled. We only got to watch the first episode . . the second was preempted by basketball tournaments, after which we could not find the second.
    We had not seen any advertisements for it prior to the first show. Happened on it
    accidentally because we are not fans of Bates Motel. Anyway, THANK YOU A&E and please air them soon.

  • Chris Habick

    Unbelievable!!! Another show chopped before it even really gets going! So I guess if you don’t instantly hit number one in the ratings game your out. I really thought the show had potential. Who are you trying to grab as an audience? You actually put a decent show on your channel and then remove it after two episodes…..no more a&e for me you’ve been chopped!!!

  • Goldie

    I saw Those Who Kill accidently while watching Bates Motel on Demand. However I could not stop watching it. It was great. Now that I have seen those 2 episodes I am hooked without a fix. Shame on A&E for not checking in with people like me.

  • Buffy

    I honestly saw one advertisement for the show & if I hadn’t set it that day I’d of forgotten about it. If you never promote a show how can anyone know it’s on! The main reason I was interested was because it was a remark of the Danish one & the killing was also a remake and it was awesome!!! I loved the show, I pray they bring it back!!!!

    • ZigZ

      EW had it on their “Must watch” list. If you like the genre their suggestions tend to be worth watching. They recommended “Low Winter Sun” which was one of the most riveting TV shows ever aired. Then A&E cancelled it.

  • Jayne South Hampton McRae

    I love the show! I was SO disappointed when I realized the 3rd episode wasn’t going to be shown!! I hope A&E stands by their commitment .. can hardly wait to see it again!!!

  • Tina Grimes Harris

    A&E should change their name to Inbred entertainment since the only shows that they give a chance are Duck dynasty and the like. Anything with an actual plot and you need to think about gets cancelled after 2 shows! That is ridiculous.I remember when this network had decent shows on that were more than faked reality shows that cater to the most intellectually challenged of the population. I think i will cancel the channel from my cable subscription due to the stupidity of the remaining shows. I can get Bates Motel when it comes out on video and that is the only thing left on the network that I watch.

  • Barbara Call

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. What an awesome show. Please bring it back. The characters, storyline, the actors themselves are just brilliant.

  • Whitclark

    I love this show! Dismal ratings? I’m so disappointed. Come on A&E!

  • Phillip B

    This show being pulled isn’t hard to believe. It was a good show but so was the one about the prison in Tennessee that ran for one season. There were three Storage Wars series, the Texas series with Ricky and Bubba should be the only one running. As much as I like Barry Weiss, his show they premiered last night isn’t that interesting. This show had potential and it probably won’t make it past season 1.

  • Jkparty

    I really loved this show!!! I was looking forward to all the coming up story lines and especiallly anxious to find out about her step father! I am sooooo disapointed.

  • Jolinda Olson

    I love the show please bring it back soon!!!

  • ZigZ

    A&E cancelled “Low Winter Sun” which was a great police drama, too. Hopefully they will release the rest of the series for VOD.

  • Disappointed

    I just happened upon the show and loved it. Couldn’t wait for the second episode. Now I’m so disappointed that I’m left hanging like this. I told friends about it who enjoyed it as well. They should have advertised it more. Every nite I’m flicking channels because there is nothing on worth watching. Finally a quality show and they yank it. Bring it back A and E.

  • Rachel

    This show kept my boyfriend and I both glued to the tv screen at the same time…which is rare…please give it another chance

  • dazy1331

    Hate Bates … loved Those Who Kill … very disappointed … maybe the show should find a station who will air.

  • cheli42

    I really enjoyed the show.I can’t wait for it’s return.

  • sbh

    I thought it was great–I was really disappointed to see that it was not on Monday night. I was looking forward to seeing the next episode and did not know it was pulled until I searched and discovered this posting.

  • mf

    I love love love this show – who’s making these stupid decisions – bring it back please – let viewers decide what “we” want to watch – after only 2 episodes I believe it wasn’t even given a chance

  • Sandy

    I liked it also. We were wondering what happened. I guess I know now. I hope it catches on. I definitely enjoyed the two first episodes

  • Goldylox

    I liked the show and am disappointed that it was pulled. I thought it had the anxiety causing drama similar to “The Killing” an a tab gruesomeness of “Dexter”. Two episodes and it’s gone while the most trite crap is on for years

  • Syb

    PLEASE! Bring it back!!! I hate Bates Motel!!! I so got into Those Who Kill! Great show and I love A&E, so I will keep my fingers TIGHTLY crossed! PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back!

  • Bruce

    It was doomed from the start. A smart, well acted, thought provoking show on prime time. Here’s hoping it reappears on HBO.

  • luvMariska

    I was surprised to see a show with such potential on A&E. I’m more surprised that it was pulled so quickly, especially from a network that thrives on running marathons of repeat episodes of shows lacking “art” OR “entertainment.” I am picky about which shows I watch of this nature with a tendency to favor Law & Order SVU; I thought the stories were creative, the acting was good, & I was looking forward to seeing more.

  • Bette

    I really liked the show; see no reason why it should be pulled, especially when it was given a lot of hype beforehand. Where I live the billboards are still up. Lame move A&E.

  • Melissa Ann Slack Downing-Wade

    I really like the show! I’ve been looking for it and had no idea why I couldn’t find it. Until I just did a search for it in bing. I stumbled across this and am really bummed! Please return it to TV ASAP! Was really getting into it.

  • confused!

    I do not understand your choice in pulling this show. Watched the first two episodes….and thought it was well done. Great actors! The ONLY problem, in my humble opinion, was there was little promotion or advertising about the series!!! Maybe more people would have tuned in if they knew about it! Come on A & E execs….do YOUR job and properly promote your own show! I am an avid evening TV watcher, and I just happened upon this show. Your choice is a HUGE disappointment to my family!

  • grob

    Great show look forward to seeing the rest of season one

  • $parky1973

    A&E didn’t put much publicity steam behind the show. I stumbled across the Pilot on accident and loved the show. Now I feel like a jackhole because I recommended it to some co-workers who have similar tastes. Of course, its already been pulled. Meanwhile, meaningless “Reality” crap on this and other stations gets picked up for a 15th season. Why anyone cares what the scripted Kardasian type spotlight/drama whores do on a regular basis I’ll never understand. To each their own I guess. Give me something well written and with some decent acting any day of the week.

  • Tuurist01

    Please please bring this show back!!

  • Sheri Dymeck

    Wth? Love the storyline and cast. Thinking this was possibly one of the best series on. Am glad to see Bates Motel back on but not at the expense of Those Who Kill being pulled. Thought the two shows back to back were a sure fire hit for A & E. What a disappointment!!!

  • Amy

    I really liked the show so far…. too bad it woulda been awesome to get more into it

  • chrissydv

    there are so few great shows on cable tv.. the really good ones are the original series on hbo, fx etc… I LOVED this show and was really disappointed when I tried to watch it this week and to my surprise it wasn’t on…jeez give the show a chance… not enough people knew about it or the ratings would have been great! not enough promo is at fault here not the show, which will be a hit if it’s given a chance…we need many many more like it …

  • KC

    Great show!! Mystery, drama, crime and sexuality, all with a strong kick-ass female lead….BRING IT BACK!! HBO just overwhelmed us all with True Detective…..wake up A&E – follow along and give us gritty crime drama along with an empathic connection to lead characters….guaranteed satisfaction!!

  • Waterone

    They should leave the shows alone! This crap of starting and stoping them just kills any chance because people forget and lose interest if they can’t count on the show being there very week!

  • Jacky

    Excellent show. I’m sorry people weren’t watching and that A& E pulled it so fast. Geez! Shows like these need patience from the networks and more clever advertising to pull people in.

  • TimR

    very interesting show please keep it and bring it back soon look how many persons are waiting dont be daft! BRING IT BACK NOW! Pls give it a chance.

  • MrsH

    I loved this show. Good, gritty drama with murder & suspense-what more do people want!!!!!

  • This new show kept me on the edge of my chair. I was very upset when I called my cable company and found out the show was pulled from A&E’s lineup. Please bring it back as soon as possible.

  • heathertalks

    Did the network consider how many people may have watched it on demand? I went back to college after twenty years out and so my classes fall on the night it airs. I have been looking for number three and four for days now! Yes, it is not a Law and Order that wraps up neatly in a little box at the end of every episode, but that’s real crime. I enjoyed seeing the issue’s Chole’s character was building. I certainly was going to give it the season to see if it was a show I was interested in. Even horrible comedy sitcoms get a season.

  • DJ

    It never fails every time we find a show worth watching it is pulled, who are they polling????? why not pull some of the stupid reality shows off they are useless and there is wat to many of them! Storage Wars and now a spin off Berry D treasure, there are 3 Filpping shows!!!!! Come on at get with the program and dump some of the junk shows and bring back the good ones…..

  • Fredlo

    I saw the original Danish version first yes I thought it was much better. This version was not so bad. I think they should have kept it on the schedule.

  • Stacy

    I liked it. I’m bummed about it being cancelled. I thought I had seen all the scenarios when it comes to crime shows, but this show pleasantly surprised me. I will be waiting 🙂

  • Mama Bee

    I like the show very much. They just need to advertise it more.

  • Gail Bradley Pike

    I like the show. I hope when it relaunches that they will renew it for another season.

  • joelwaters

    Bring it back! It’s such a deeply disturbing show! It was my 2nd favorite next to Hannibal.

  • Nick Palumbo

    how does A&E not understand that the truly great show several episodes to develop. The wire – ep 4, Game of Thrones ep 6, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Walking Dead and Mad Men. None of these shows hooked viewers until midway through the first season. I do not think A&E is dropping the show but they are seriously hurting it and should air the first two episodes before the third. They are trying to protect Bates but the truth of the matter is that the second season is not nearly as good as the first. Killing the english teacher may have been the biggest mistake in that show.

  • Michele Winter

    Awesome show!!! Hope there will be more than 10 episodes.

  • BoydCrowder22

    had my fill of grim murder shows….no reason for being…..
    -those who kill
    -criminal minds

  • Missy

    that was a very good show. We were upset to see it gone. We really liked it and wish it would be back on soon!!!!!

  • Dave Trace

    If you don’t have a gay couple, black American,smart mouth kids,and laugh track the show will not go anywhere.

  • goldi

    Please bring Those Who Kill back!!! I really liked the show and set my DVR to record all new episodes that I would not miss it. When my daughter and I went to watch it and only the two episodes that we had already seen were there, we were very disappointed!

  • breachborn

    THIS IS A GREAT SHOW! Never fails smart and intrigue in one hour and it’s put in the drawer after 2 episodes. wth?
    Will be watching and waiting for the next showing. Geesh.

  • Campbell21

    I liked it. It was interesting and a gripping watch start to finish. Please bring it back!

  • Reese

    I don’t know when I’ve been more dissapointed…I thought, Those Who Kill, was very differant from other serial killer shows and could easily be the next big hit…I can’t imagine not giving it more than a couple of shows before taking it off the schedule…I didn’t even know for sure it was on until a friend told me…

  • Catherine

    I really thought the show was very interesting and looked forward to watching another episode .I was very disappointed that it wasnt on and felt A&E didn’t give it a chance. I also liked that Bates Motel was on at 9 ..not happy about the time slot and loved *Those who kill

  • Christol O’Neal

    I was so disappointed to find out that A&E pulled Those Who Kill. I don’t like Bates Motel. I tried watching it and was do bored I could not get into the story. I was instantly hooked on Those Who Kill. I was looking forward to finding out more about the characters back stories. For example, Chloe’s character’s reference about being locked in a box before. Please bring this show back ASAP!!!

  • Michaela Thompson

    I’m pissed off! I like the series, there is an actual season arc (the investigation into her step-dad – the family court judge! – murdering her brother, and possibly others), unlike all the other procedural/serial killer shows out there that get from A-Z without any steps in between and bingo this one person is absolutely the killer; not looking at criminal minds or anything… That’s why it’s worth watching, chloe’s character is dark and compelling, we’re still just getting to know her – you have no idea how she is going to act yet (like the second episode with cheese dad – wtf?!!! love that comedic actor, maybe his name is Kyle? fyi) and the psychologist guy gives me the creeps after the first episode – like he studies killers because he has sick tendencies and is trying to channel them into something positive perhaps? I find all the remakes of danish/scandanavian series to be the tits so I really hope they air the rest of the series asap or put it online!

  • veronica71

    I loved the show. It rated as one of the 3 best on TV. I can’t understand why you spend the time and money to enlist top actors and produce top quality entertainment, and then put it in a time slot against the #1 show in television (Blacklist) and then pull it after the second airing. You can’t assume that everyone can afford TIVO—they have to choose between Blacklist and Those who Kill. You are assuming that a new show will catch on in the first week or two—it takes that long to get word of mouth out on a great show. If only the executives decisions were as professional and astute as the actors in this show. Total cowards: if you don’t hit the top ratings in week one toss it. You could have changed the time slot. This show will probably be like BBC’s Orphan Black—it got more popular after the season ended than while it was running. Nest time take a poll of your audience—use the internet and the media before going off half-cocked. It was a quality show and a darn shame to get us hooked and then drop it. Get a new ad guy–you are getting lousy advice from your current one.

  • John

    I am so disappointed in the pulling of Those that Kill. I had been raving about it at work and then when my work mates came in and gave me grief that it was not on after the great build up. Boy am I pissed. Not because I looked stupid but because another budding great series has been take away. Now we have 5000 channels and very little to watch, again

  • Shauna Geen Bailey

    I’m so disappointed! I love the show! The lead actress and actor were fantastic! ! Please bring it back asap!!!

  • wvgirl

    Every time a great show gets aired…one that has deep characters and requires thought…it seems to get canned!! I’m so sick and tired of the “Reality TV” drivel being considered “great tv”!! Please, A&E…bring back TWK for those of us with a brain!

  • CaptnHeidi

    Cheese Dad. That was the best! Bring back TWK.

  • MM

    I liked it..was similar to The Bridge which I also like

  • jamie

    Was just getting into this show was soo mad when it did not come on and now to find out its not going to be back on until later date makes me very upset there isnt hardly anything on tv and yall just take it off makes no sense

  • unknown

    I really liked the show. I was wondering why it wasn’t on. bummer.

  • Don Casual

    I enjoyed the show ver much, in spite of reading the dismal reviews by people wh are in love with the original Danish TV series. This is the way it goes – we’re seldom happy with re-makes, but first-time viewers can be fooled into believing they’ve found an entirely satisfying “new” TV series. I just hope the die-hards weren’t responsible for killing what could have been – might soon be – a hit show.

  • angie

    I only got to see the first episode and only found that one on demand. I never seen the show advertised at all! The show had my attention in the first five seconds, and I was so looking for a great season to watch a great show!!!! To my disappointment I found the show is cancealed! What I don’t understand is what makes networks think everyone wants to watch comedy sitcoms and reality TV? I have never sat down and watched a sitcom show in my life! Most shows showing now arent even worth paying cable for! If the network or producers decide not to bring back this show, it will be a bad decision!!!! Keep the good shows and bring more good shows!!!! Bring this one back!!!!! Excellent actors and actresses!

  • bettyboop

    I wish A&E would reconsider. The show has lots of potential. I was very disappointed when I found that it was not on. I have to record the show do to work schedule and was upset o find it not there. There is not much to watch on the networks and I thought this was off to a good start.

  • Shari Phillips

    I really like this show and was relieved that I can still see it on Mondays at 7:00. Thanks for not canceling this awesone murder mystery series on A&E. (Chloe rocks!!)

  • angie

    How about Thursday night night at 9 or 10 instead of so many episodes of The First 48 Hours? Oh my goodness!!!!!! Who thinks of these schedules. I like bates motel, but the acting could use some work! Those Who Kill seems to be so much better! And I have never been asked about any show either, I don’t know who the networks ask about the shoes, but you ask the wrong people!!!!!!

  • roxcat

    Great show! Very disappointed to read that it’s been pulled. Great acting and storyline. What is wrong with these people who make the decisions to pull shows without giving them a chance – like maybe trying a different time slot or day of the week.

  • Kim

    The two shows that I have watched are very intriguing. The story lines have enough mystery to keep viewers interested, yet solve the current murder. The only thing that you may want to change is the the intro with the moths and spiders, that is very unappealing. Many people don’t like watching close ups of real bugs every week. Please give this smart show a chance.

  • DebMad

    I liked the two episodes and thought the show had a lot of potential, but don’t understand how after only 2 episodes they pulled it. If the want a follow show Bates first than show Those.

  • Julie Seymour

    I’m irritated beyond belief that A&E pulled Those Who Kill. I was looking forward to the series! From the first two episodes it appeared that it was going to be a great show with lots of twists.

  • cck

    Really Like The Show. I Love That It Is Filmed In Pittsburgh

  • sweetverona

    Damn it. I really like this show. Bring it back Please.

  • Jthib

    I liked the show also and and really disappointed it was pulled. I hope we get to see the other episodes as planned at a later date. I just stumbled upon the show by total accident and had never seen 1 commercial or any advertisement for it. Also, I think “The Bridge” was a good comparison. Really like that show too.

  • Dexter

    Episode 2 was a disappointment but the first episode really got my attention. I want more.

  • Gobsmaked Gary

    As always, the American Sheeple don’t appreciate good TV. Good bye to another well done series.

  • HoneyPJones

    I liked the show..I was so sad when I didn’t get to watch episode three. It seemed like a very good show.

  • lala

    We loved the show! The characters were great! Please bring it back soon!

  • angle

    Good show looking forward to more episodes.

  • Lori

    Aww come on man. Really? Who was the idiot that made this decision. Upset really liked the show.

  • Amana

    A&E needs to bring this show back!! I love it

  • Kelly Gratham

    It was just like that with the show Camelot. I was hooked to that show by first episode like those who kill and now that show is gone. I do not know where they get their statistics but I know for me I watch most shows on demand. So maybe the network needs to figure that in. Bring those who kill back

  • Deanne Green Smith

    Im totally into this show! Now im bummed!!!!! Please put it back on AandE

  • Johnny Pecina

    I was a slightly turned off by the plot and its fast-paced nature in the pilot episode, which I thought was laying the framework for the following episodes. I wrongfully assumed that each episode would be a whole new case absent of any mention of Catherine’s traumatic experience in the pilot. I was wrong!

    The fact that the second episode tied to the first (exposing Catherine’s PTSD-like behavior, for example) added a great dynamic to the show in the second episode. I became extremely engrossed. It added a lot of three-dimensionality to Catherine (e.g. Cheese Dad) and I want more. Please give this show a chance A&E – it already has made a ton of fans including myself!

  • MS_Mom

    So I finally had some free time tonight & tried to pull Those Who Kill up on demand…only to find it was no longer listed. Now I find out it’s been pulled after only 2 episodes. Dislike!!!!

  • April Brown

    Love it bring it!!! Please bring it back and promote it better!

  • Gwin Ford

    I liked the show, it reminds me of “The Killings” and “The Bridge”, I don’t the network gave the show a fair shot. I will look to see it in the future.

  • Shelly Marie Engelby-Ruzicka

    I really liked it and wanted to see where it was going to go. Love murder dramas about serial killers.

  • widefeet

    I have to say my wife and i really liked the show.i had the show programed in. Give it a chance….

  • april

    I’m pissed ….put it back on !!!!!!!!

  • StephD

    I enjoyed watching it! Bring it back!

  • steve c

    It is basically the same show as Hannibal, these serial killer shows are becoming repetitive. So serial killers are really frustrated performance artists whose reason for existence is to make some kind of allegorical statement to shock society? Nothing to do with reality. These shows are like science fiction or fantasy. The best thing about the show is Sevigny, she seemingly forever will be in search of projects worthy of her acting chops, and this sure isn’t it!

  • Kristin Doleshal

    I really loved this show!! The first episode with the freak serial killer was great and right up my Alley!! I was quite upset when it wasn’t on Monday night!! Please bring this show back!!

  • Jennifer Mullins

    I just logged in to find when I could watch alternative airings and find that it’s been pulled. It was fast becoming one of my FAVORITE shows. I am highly disappointed the execs decided to pull it…it has lots of promise. Not often that you can find something that keeps my attention. I hope they bring it back soon.

  • Cheryle Haley

    I loved the show! 2 episodes and it’s pulled when 10 are already filmed. Do not get it! Bring it back. My entire Breaking Bad watchers loved this show too…….

  • Cheryle Haley

    With the way too many re-runs you air on your channel, you can’t finish airing the 10 episodes?

  • slr

    First time ever posting to a discussion but thought I had to express my disappointment that this show was pulled. Great characters, acting and developing story line. Sad we are stuck with things like Ducks D.

  • WHATtheCRAP?

    I was wondering why it didn’t record…are you KIDDING me? This is good television. I don’t understand why it was pulled. Ratings? After two episodes? Seriously. Bates has murder, rape, kidnapping, drugs….really? A&E, FIND YOUR BALLS, PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES, AND PUT IT BACK ON!!!

  • tedsgirl251

    maybe the fault of the viewing audience is not due to the general public, but the advertising team behind the show. Like many, I stumbled upon the show and am hooked. I love a good mystery and now that Dexter is gone I am looking for a good replacement. Change the time slot (don’t cancel the show) but by all means, ADVERTISE get the word out there.

    • AbbysBiggestFan

      Agreed. I too stumbled upon the show after I came home from vacation.

      Was shocked that it was not back on.

  • PHay

    I enjoyed that show as much as you can with only two episodes to judge off of. I was bummed when I stayed up to watch it and it wasn’t on. I look forward to them putting it back on, it was a very intriguing show.

  • Amy

    I loved the show. It was my replacement for Dexter. Please bring it back.

  • Carly

    I can’t believe it’s pulled. I hate Bates Motel,,, too weird.. I LOVED THIS NEW SERIES

  • Marte

    This is a great show. The actors are great, I’ve been pulled into the show and think that it has a good story line. Very entertaining please bring it back

  • julez87

    Loved the show from the beginning. It’s edgy and I look forward to watching. Bring it back. A&E you’re making some questionable decisions lately.

  • Creese

    I loved the show it has lots of potential to be a great series I hope they bring it back soon

  • mallory13

    I LOVED “Those Who Kill”!!!! I was so looking forward to watching it last Monday. Then I found out it was cancelled!!! How can you drop a show after only 2 episodes?! I also would like to know who they survey about TV shows because it never fails when I love one it seems to get cancelled!! PLEASE bring this back!!!! It was just starting to get into the whole thing about her life. BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  • dbeck5

    Get rid of some of the Stupid “Reality” shows i.e. Duck Dynasty and put Those Who Kill back on Awesome show!

  • don6969

    Are you kidding me? This is one of the best shows on TV right now besides Bates Motel. Please put back on the air ASAP

  • Talleyshut

    WTH??? Who’s hairbrain idea was it to pull this show? Who? Isn’t that the same person that has kept The Simpson’s or Family Guy or American Dad around like, FOREVER??? Go figure. Who are they polling before making these “executive” decisions? I’m certainly not included in these polls and neither are the others I KNOW we’re watching TWK. Beats all I’ve ever seen. Shame on you A&E.

  • terriej123

    I demand the show come back!!! Finally a good show and you yank it?! Find another day and time slot for it and roll it! My dvr has a bunch of space waiting to be filled with good shows like this one. if not I’m going to become one of “those who kill” (lol)!!