Why the Next Three Tina-Riffic Episodes of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Are Must See TV

Bob's Burgers Season 4 Episode 13 Mazel Tina (2)

Tina’s day has finally arrived.

In the next three episodes of Bob’s Burgers, our bespectacled erotic friend fiction writing hero will crash a Bat Mitzvah, run off with a cold cuts delivery boy and attend a Equestranauts convention. Of course the rest of the Belchers (and Teddy) all get chances to shine in the upcoming outings, but Tina is the catalyst for a strong run of episodes. Things kick off with “Mazel Tina,” which airs tonight, Sunday, March 16th at 7pm ET/PT on Fox.

The episode finds Tina inadvertently taking over Tammy’s Bat Mitzvah, and in the process Tammy gets just the right level of comeuppance for her obnoxious behavior. While Tina goes slowly mad with power, the storyline that’s going to have Bob’s Burgers‘ fans flipping over involves Louise and Tammy. The unlikely duo find themselves in close quarters and Louise’s reaction is hilarious, touching and a little evil. While Tina is an easy mark for her siblings, Louise has her sister’s back this time around and the results are rewarding– although not so much for Louise.

My personal favorite of the trio of episodes will air the following week. “Uncle Teddy” allows Teddy, so often the funniest part of any Bob’s Burgers episode for his cough and you’ll miss them throwaway lines of awesome, the chance to carry an episode. “Uncle Teddy” is a light homage to the John Candy classic Uncle Buck, with Tina playing the role of the overly hormonal teen who runs off to see a boy in the middle of the night. Fans of Teddy have to see this episode. All I will give away is that there is an on-going gag with a drain snake and a moped incident that are among my favorite things Bob’s Burgers has done so far over the course of four fantastic seasons.

The standout episode for sheer levels of insanity reached has to be “The Equestranauts.” If you have never heard of the Bronies fandom (made up of men who love My Little Pony) then the episode, set for April 13th, may seem all the more bizarre. Either way “The Equestranauts” is a true trip down the rabbit hole of fandom: the weird parts, the crazy parts and, happily, the wonderful parts as well. Tina once again drives the story as she goes to the convention in search of other little girls like herself to bond over ponies with. What she finds instead is a bunch of grown men dressed as ponies. The convention takes a turn due to one evil Equestranaut, but Bob gets to be super dad for his daughter.

Tina is the driving force behind the story, but Bob gets the best action as he wades deep into the culture. While all three episodes are must see events, “The Equestranauts” is one of the most audacious episodes of television I’ve seen so far this season. It’s hilarious, odd and heartwarming in true Bob’s Burger fashion. The ending gag is wickedly funny. Go ahead and block April 13th off on your calendar. Trust me, you need this episode to be a part of your life; just be warned, once those images go in your brain, they will never come out again.

The next three episodes have something for everyone. There is espionage, ’80s movie references, a hot tub standoff, crepes and so much more. Each one reminded me of two things: why I love Bob’s Burgers and why we should all embrace our inner-Tinas and geek out over the things we love. Like Bob’s Burgers.

Bob Burgers airs Sundays at 7pm ET/PT on Fox.

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