The 100 Interview: Marie Avgeropoulos Talks Octavia, Her Brother Bellamy, Her Favorite Scene and More

The 100 Pilot - Marie Avgeropoulos

We’ve met Bellamy Blake, it’s now time to meet his sister Octavia, played by Marie Avgeropoulos, who is one of the characters from The CW’s new series, The 100.

In The 100, Earth has been decimated by a nuclear Armageddon. Now, ninety-seven years later, the remaining 4,000 humans live on an Ark, but resources are running out. As a last resort to save the human race, 100 juvenile prisoners are sent back to Earth in order to find out whether it is once again inhabitable. Octavia is part of these 100 juveniles and she, along with everyone else, will have to find a way to survive on this new, menacing Earth.

Marie Avgeropoulos recently took some time to attend the Warner Bros Mondo press tour and answer questions about her character, her relationship with Bellamy, her favorite scene and more.

On Octavia

When she introduced her character, Octavia, Avgeropoulos explained, “I am the only character in the show with a sibling, which is pretty amazing, to have that experience. Because there’s limited resources on the drop ship, we deal with population control a lot. So it’s illegal to have more than one child, and I was the second of two. So when I was discovered, they killed my mother for that crime, and they put me in jail. So it’s pretty amazing to be on Earth and to have that brother sister dynamic with somebody, because it’s unique because nobody else on the show has that.”

On Octavia’s survival skills

Turns out Octavia knows how to sew because her mother was a seamstress. Avgeropoulos remarked “that’s my thing, which is so weird because it’s sort of a delicate thing for such an edgy, bad character like mine. Yeah, she’s just gathering food and all sorts of stuff.”

On Octavia and Clarke’s relationship

When asked about Octavia and the character of Clarke’s (played by Eliza Taylor) relationship, Avgeropoulos described it as “pretty yin and yang.” She continued, “She’s very responsible. She’s always the leader of the pack, always trying to do the right thing — throw a hundred kids down on Earth that have all clashing and meshed personalities and she’s just trying to do what’s best for the group always, and Octavia doesn’t really like being told what to do, basically, because the way she was brought up under the floor, to be hidden her whole life. And then as soon as she got found, she just got thrown in jail. So the fact that she’s discovering freedom for the first time and someone is trying to keep her in a straight line, she doesn’t always love that. But Octavia does appreciate her nurturing and maternal instincts that she does have. And she wants to do the right thing as well.”

On Octavia and her bother Bellamy’s realtionship

As for Octavia’s relationship with her brother Bellamy (played by Bob Morley), Avgeropoulos described it as “ebb and flow.” She added, “he’s very protective over her and because this is her new found freedom, she doesn’t want the grasp around her to be quite so tight, of course, being a teenager, but definitely appreciates his care and concern, but wants to make these decisions on her own as well. But they care for each other. That’s always the bottom line. Like any sibling, brother, sister.”

On her favorite scene so far

When asked to share her favorite scene from the show so far, Avgeropoulos teased, “Octavia gets kidnapped by someone, something later on. You’re going to have to see. So there’s a lot of, like, captivity scenes that bring up a lot of anxiety for her because she was raised underneath the floor then thrown in jail. So she really has a lot of freakouts when that happens. It was really cool to kind of put myself in that frame of somebody that would just have that much anxiety and tension about being cooped up.”

The 100 premieres on Wednesday, March 19th, at 9pm on The CW.

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