Twisted Season 1 Review “The Son Also Falls”

Twisted Episode 16 The Son Also Falls (1)

Okay, maybe I should start giving Twisted the benefit of the doubt. Despite seemingly dropping the ambiguity surrounding Danny’s character at the beginning of this half-season, ‘The Son Also Falls’ took things into a completely new, yet satisfying familiar, direction for him that could change everything about the show all over again. Despite the fact that Danny didn’t kill either Regina or Aunt Tara, the internal struggle he’s been dealing with since getting thrown into juvie has taken more of a toll than we thought.

And our insight into Danny’s mental state since childhood comes from welcome new addition, and love interest for Jo, Charlie. He came clean to Jo this week after the pair grew closer while prepping for the class president elections and this did more damage to her relationship with Danny that it did with the new boy in her life. It’s not as if she minds her crushes having dark secrets in their past, after all. Is what he said about Danny’s plans to kill his father true? Right now, it hardly matters, since Vikram’s ghost isn’t going to give his son any peace and quiet until the truth comes out.

He’s not only alienated Jo with his mixed emotions and erratic behavior, but Lacey has also wised up to all of the unnecessary drama that comes with being Danny’s girlfriend. After embracing his new financial situation, bribing his teacher into giving him a good grade and then taking Lacey out for the fanciest of fancy dinners, she realizes that his nice guy act is just a ploy to stop her asking questions. Even though she now knows that Danny killed his father, she’s a heck of a lot more pissed about him having shared the secret with Jo for so long without letting her into the loop. It’s the same old Danny, as Jo later says.

I don’t really care where we end up, as long as the journey to our destination throws as much doubt onto Danny’s sanity as possible. That might sound strange, but Twisted first caught my attention because of its fearless portrayal of a disturbed, charming and manipulative teenager who is suddenly thrown into the hostile environment of high school and, even if Danny wasn’t a murderer before a few weeks ago, he still spent years in juvie for a crime he didn’t commit. Anyone would be angry and, despite being disappointed by the answers at the beginning of the mid-season, I like where they’re going very much.

Other thoughts:

– Was it really Jack who covered up Vikram’s death for Danny and Jo? Since we’re only a couple of weeks into the new season, I highly doubt it. My guess – as always – is that Rico had something to do with it. We’re all looking at who would go that far to protect Danny, but maybe we should be looking at Jo instead.

– New girl Whitney is almost definitely Jo’s half-sister, yes?

What did you think of the episode? Is Charlie telling the truth about Danny? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.