The 100 Interview: Thomas McDonell Talks Mysterious Finn, The Dangers of New Earth, and More

The 100 Pilot - Thomas McDonell

Finn is one of the most mysterious characters on The CW’s new series, The 100. He is one of the juvenile prisoners sent back down to Earth in order to find out whether it’s once again inhabitable after a nuclear Armageddon decimated planet 97 years ago. After arriving on Earth, he soon forges a friendship with Clarke (Eliza Taylor, see her interview here), but we don’t know much about his past.

Thomas McDonell portrays Finn in the show and recently took some time to attend the Warner Bros Mondo press tour and answer questions about his character, the show, the dangers of new Earth and more.

On the evolution of Finn

When asked about how Finn would evolve in the series, McDonell explained that Finn “has taken an unexpected turn.” He continued, “in the beginning, it seemed like he was going to be this wild, reckless kind of person, very unpredictable, all that, the circumstances and the sort of gravity of the situation on Earth has changed that, and he starts to take on responsibility.” He added, “One sort of good way of putting it was, like, Finn, where he once was the kind of person who would eventually, you hope, end up doing the right thing, now he’s setting out to do the right thing. Not accidentally.”

As for friendships on the Earth, McDonell shared, “while he was admired by these other hundred people because of the heroic and sort of brave things that he did up in space, he remains sort of a lone dog. So where there are sort of cliques that form, Finn remains outside of that and is able to sort of move between them freely.”

On what we can expect on Earth

McDonell teased, “one really important thing to the story is that when they get there, everyone expects that no one has survived the nuclear apocalypse and that they will arrive and they will be alone. And that’s not the case. I don’t want to say too much about it, but they discover that they are not alone, and then drama ensues.”

On wether the 100 delinquents might not stay 100 for long

When asked about the possibility of the 100 delinquents not staying at 100 for long, McDonell answered without hesitation, “Yeah. That number is shrinking pretty steadily.” He even shared that a few people die in the pilot already.

As to whether that trend will continue throughout the series, McDonell shared, “well, it’s a really harsh environment on Earth. And they are dealing with the toxicity of the natural world and predators and these other people. And all that stuff is really dangerous, so people are dying all the time.”

On Finn’s past

As the series progresses, we do find out information about the characters and the families they left behind, but it seems like Finn is still a mystery. When asked whether Finn left family behind on the Ark, he explained, “most of the other characters you’ve kind of learned something about, where they’ve come from and their family and that sort of thing, especially the Bellamy character and the Octavia character. There’s a big section of this thing that is about their family and what happened with them. Where there’s been investigation of that stuff with other characters, there has not been with Finn, which, for me, as an actor, is a cool thing because it remains a mysterious environment. So anything can still sort of happen. He’s not locked in.”

The 100 premieres on Wednesday, March 19th, at 9pm on The CW.

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