Interview: Bob Morley Describes ‘The 100’ as “Lord of the Flies” meets “Lost,” Talks About His Character and More

The 100 Pilot - Bob Morley

Bob Morley plays the character of Bellamy Blake in The CW’s new series The 100, one of the juvenile prisoners sent back down to Earth in order to find out whether it’s once again inhabitable after a nuclear Armageddon decimated planet 97 years ago.

Morley recently took some time to attend the Warner Bros Mondo press tour and answer questions about the show, his character, what we can expect from future episodes and more.

On the show

When asked to described The 100, Morley said, “It’s kind of like “Lord of the Flies” meets “Lost,” and then there’s other people on an ark up in space as well.” He went on to explain that it’s hard to really describe it because the show has evolved from its pilot but he did equate it to “a sensory overload.”

He explained, “Every time I read a script, I’m kind of blown away and then excited to shoot it because I don’t even know where it’s going. It’s almost like “following the rabbit down the hole” kind of thing. And then anything can happen because the world’s just expanded so much.”

On Bellamy

When asked about his character Bellamy, Morley shared, “Bellamy is kind of a bit of an enigma throughout the pilot because he’s the unknown kind of quantity. There’s the hundred delinquents that are sent down. There’s the authorities up in the Ark and Bellamy kind of falls somewhere in between, and you don’t really know why he’s there or how he got there. All you know is that he’s made his way down there and then just starts to step in and implement himself as a leader amongst the hundred on the ground. And there’s a lot of mystery surrounding him. So Bellamy’s kind of this shape‑shifter who moves amongst groups and then establishes himself. And you don’t know whether for good or bad. And I’m still unsure whether it’s for good or bad.”

On what we can expect after the pilot episode

When asked about how The 100 evolves past the pilot, Morley explained, “I would say that one thing that is touched upon within the pilot is kind of the environment in which the hundred are dropped in. And that really starts to take a life of its own. There are Clarke and Finn and Bellamy. There are the characters, but the landscape is just as much a character as the rest of us. That really dictates a lot of where the story is going to go. So yeah, it’s pretty amazing, also, the fact that we get to go to these beautiful spots that may not be what they actually seem. That has been one thing that I didn’t really see coming. We knew it was a radiation‑soaked planet and there might be things here and there. But as time goes on, more and more little interesting pockets of information come up. And we’ve been exploring those, and it’s just branching out to a lot of stuff.”

On the link between Earth and the Ark

When asked about the link between the people on Earth and the ones still in the Ark, Morley said:

“In the pilot it’s outlined that they’ve kind of lost communication with the Ark. The way that they’ve written it, which I think is really great, is that there are scenes kind of between the people on the ground and the people in the Ark that kind of mirror each other. They may be dealing with the same issues of survival and the same kind of overarching theme, and it’s just how each place ‑‑ the hundred on the ground, who are just kind of wild and free, and the people in the Ark, who are quite regimented ‑‑ how they deal with that kind of stuff. So in terms of thematically, there is definitely a link all the way through. And then, you know, who knows? Who knows if they’ll ever reconnect?

On how serialized The 100 is

When asked about the structure of the show and how serialized it is, Morley explained that the show works in “chronological order” but that there are time jumps throughout as well. He also shared that some of the stories will be explained along the way.

On shooting on location

The show shoots in Canada, and when asked about the challenges of shooting on location, Morley said that it enhances they performances, especially since he joked that they shiver during every take because it’s so cold. He added, “When you’re there, you can’t run away from the cold. You can’t deny that you’re in this amazing big forest that is quite ominous or this sheer rock face with snowcapped mountains there. I think they just add to the scene and add to the adrenaline that you’re feeling whilst you’re shooting all this stuff.”

The 100 premieres on Wednesday, March 19th, at 9pm on The CW.

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