Supernatural Chat: Will Sam Ever Forgive Dean?

Heaven Can't Wait

Hey there Supernatural fans! Season 9 sure has been another roller coaster ride and right now it feels like the boys have been going down, down, down for a long while. We’re all used to the Winchesters having their blow-ups, that’s what family does after all, but the current rift between them only seems to be growing farther apart with each new episode. Since Sam and Dean are the core of the show, there is no doubt that they will resolve their issues but one has to wonder exactly what it will take for Sam to forgive Dean… and maybe himself.

Dean’s Difficult Choice

Dean made a choice earlier this season to save his brother’s life rather than let him die. On paper it looks like such a simple thing. Who wouldn’t do whatever they could to save a loved one from certain death? But nothing is ever simple with the Winchesters and Dean’s decision came with a whole host of complications.

First, Dean had to agree to let an angel possess Sam’s body, then he had to find a way into tricking Sam into giving the angel permission and then he had to lie to Sam for months about it. It was like a triple whammy of things that violated rules of the Winchester rule book. You don’t let things possess you (angel or demon) and you most certainly don’t lie to your family.

Can Sam Ever Forgive?

Sam’s viewpoint on everything is definitely valid. The way he saw it, he fought the good fight to take on the Trials and though he didn’t win, his body was still too damaged to move on. It was a peaceful and noble death and one that a Winchester would be happy to embrace. But rather than being allowed to go away peacefully, he was forced to come back, had an angel riding his meat suit for months, was lied to by his brother and then forced to ride along as the angel inside him killed one of their best friends in the world.

But even with all of that, there is something deeper and more sinister at the bottom of Sam’s anger towards Dean. When Sam discovered what had been done to him, it seemed as though he wasn’t as pissed about all of that as he was about being alive at all. Sam admitted that he didn’t see any upside to being alive and that everything bad that had happened was because he was still around. That is one awful way to see the world and it quite frankly makes me fearful for Sam. I feel almost like he’s a guy you would want to keep on suicide watch. Thinking that the world would be better off if you were dead is a terrible thing and it’s something that goes well beyond being upset at his brother for taking such drastic measures to bring him back.

In fact, I have to wonder if Sam might not have felt the same way if he’d simply been healed by the doctors’ care (or Castiel’s touch) and then everything else had still happened the way it did. Has he been thinking these thoughts for a long time? What pushed him to this point?

Sam is angry and upset, but he has to do more than forgive Dean for the choices his brother made when faced with Sam’s imminent death. Sam also has to forgive himself for every bad thing that has happened so that he can embrace life again.

What do you think about this latest Winchester conflict on Supernatural? Whose side are you on and why? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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