Bob’s Burgers Season 4 Interview: Star H. Jon Benjamin and Creator Loren Bouchard Talk Upcoming Episodes and More

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After what felt like a never ending Bob’s Burgers-less winter, the Belcher family returns this Sunday, March 9th in their new 7PM timeslot with an all-new episode, “The Frond Files.” TV Equals recently joined in a conference call with star H. Jon Benjamin and creator Loren Bouchard to get all the scoop on upcoming episodes, guest stars, that rumored Bob’s Burgers album and more.

Why You Can’t Miss “The Frond Files”

Bob’s Burgers is getting experimental. In this Sunday’s episode, each of the Belcher kids writes an essay about their fantasy version of their school. Bouchard confirmed that the episode will feature three segments with each one devoted to Gene, Louise or Tina’s particular vision of the school. Gene’s will feature a catchy original song about farts which Bouchard played a snippet of for us. If you can’t wait to hear the show’s latest number guaranteed to get stuck in your head, check it out in full here.

Speaking of music…

Bouchard confirmed a Bob’s Burgers album is happening. I repeat, a Bob’s Burgers album is happening. While it is early days yet (so no track list), Bouchard said they have been given “a quiet, official greenlight” from 20th Century Fox to move forward on the project.

What’s Ahead in Season Four

Bouchard and Benjamin dropped some teasers about upcoming episodes straight through to the finale. The highlights include an ode to the John Candy classic Uncle Buck by way of the always great Teddy. The episode, appropriately titled “Uncle Teddy,” will find everyone’s favorite Bob’s Burger patron babysitting the Belcher kids for a weekend. Nothing will go as Teddy’s plans, of course, but Bouchard promised that while Teddy won’t weild a chainsaw there will be a great scene involving a drain snake.

Speaking about Teddy and voice actor Larry Murphy, Bouchard said, “That is an actor and a character who really earned his spot. That character is one we want to write for and want to see in every episode.”

Teddy isn’t the only character getting a standout episode soon. Tina will be introduced to the culture of Bronies and go to her first (and Bouchard teased probably her last) Bat Mitzvah.

The Season Finale

Mr. Fischoeder has a brother! And that brother will be played by guest star Zach Galifianakis. The duo teased this season’s finale will be a two-part affair. While they didn’t give too much away, they did promise Galifianakis will be involved in the landlord business as well. Curious? You probably should be.

Looking Ahead to Season 5

With so much season four goodness ahead of us, it is hard to believe the writers are already hard at work on season five. In fact they are currently planning out the Christmas episode that will introduce us to Bob’s dad. No one has been cast in the role just yet, but the tease alone should serve as the best early Christmas present ever, right?

Why They Don’t Have a Guest Star Wishlist

Aside from Bill Murray, Benjamin and Bouchard don’t have a list of dream guest stars (well, unless you believe Benjamin’s wish to have all of the members of MASH the movie guest voice, plus Alan Alda). Their reasoning is they have been so lucky attracting the best comedy actors that courting them feels odd. They would rather have them come to them and then hold on to them forever.

“We make all of them regulars,” Bouchard pointed out. “We immediately put them on a list of characters we want to see again.” Which is good news for fans of the ever-expanding, always entertaining world of Bob’s Burgers.

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Don’t forget, Bob’s Burgers moves to a new time this Sunday. Get your Burger fix at 7PM ET/PT on Fox.

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