Reign Season 1 Review “Consummation”

The Consummation

First things first – I couldn’t get my hands on the so-called ‘extended’ version of this week’s Reign, ‘Consummation’, ahead of writing, and so will just have to make do with the incredibly awkward yet relatively chaste scenes of voyeuristic sex that were included in the original broadcast. That said, there’s still a heck of lot to talk about, and I can’t see how any more explicit content would have added to the episode at all. Maybe it was all about punishing Bash a little bit more in preparation for his inevitable descent into broodiness.

The episode’s title, of course, refers to the marriage of Mary with one of her suitors, and we were all left guessing as to whom that would be for a significant portion of the episode. Are we happy with how things have turned out, even if it does indeed mean that Francis might eventually die (spoiler: he does)? This love triangle has been more compelling than most simply because of the stakes that are wrapped up in both unions and now, with the historical fact of Francis and Mary’s wedding done and dusted, Reign has a lot of leeway for future twists and turns regarding Mary’s heart.

As invested as we all are in who gets to live happily ever after with our favorite plucky queen, however, it’s the characters that really make the show as compelling and entertaining as it is. The union between Mary and Francis is great not just because it makes good on the initial promise of a legitimate, historically accurate wedding for shippers that lean that way, but also because it gives the writers the flexibility to do whatever they want with Bash. This turn of events will no doubt lead him down a darker path than we’ve seen and, having gotten to know the noble, kind and lovesick Bash over the last few weeks, that’s an exciting prospect.

The wedding is a point in the narrative that other shows would have left until at least the season finale, but not Reign. Instead, we have a total of nine episodes left to enjoy before the end and, with all of the chess pieces rearranged yet again in new and exciting ways, it’s refreshing not to know what might be in store.

Other thoughts:

– Am I the only one thinking that Mary and Catherine should stop listening to the wild ravings of Nostradamus after he’s backtracked on so many visions of late? So what if he says the prophecy referred instead to Clarissa when they’ve already altered the fate of nations in a bid to avoid Francis’ untimely death? It’s too late to go back now, ladies!

– And Clarissa isn’t really dead, which became obvious to anyone who’s ever watched television before when they zoomed in on her face at the end of last week’s episode.

– Did anyone watch the extended version of the episode, and would you care to shed any light as to what extra bits on offer?

What did you think of the episode? Who out of Lola and Bash is going to cause more trouble for the royal couple? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.