‘Rectify’ Season 2 Premiere Date Announced by SundanceTV

SundanceTV’s solemn, critically-acclaimed drama Rectify is returning for a second season Thursday, June 19th, 2014 at 9:00pm ET/PT. Season one of the series followed the first week of freedom of a man who spent nearly two decades on death row. The series garnered superb reviews and helped boost SundanceTV’s presence in the arena of original dramas.

“The response to ‘Rectify’ has been incredible. We feel as though this story has tapped into something truly unique, with both critics and audiences using their platforms to share such strong, personal reactions to this very distinctive TV series,” said Sarah Barnett, SundanceTV President and GM in a statement. “There’s so much drama and character that’s been set up in the first season, it will be electrifying to see where ‘Rectify’ goes in season two.”

Rectify will find its lead Daniel Holden (Aden Young) contemplating a real future in season two. As he slowly reclaims the idea that his life is his own, his return will continue to have a ripple effect on all those around him.

Are you ready to return to the contemplative world of Rectify?