Parenthood Season 5 “The Enchanting Mr. Knight” Review

Parenthood Season 5 Episode 16 The Enchanting Mr. Knight (5)
Time for a weekly check-in with the Braverman family on NBC’s Parenthood.

*Sigh* Sarah
I don’t care what career or hobby Sarah is currently pursuing. Generally, I don’t care who she’s dating. The only thing I want for Sarah is for her to live her life for herself. She’s weathered hopefully the worst of the storms with her kids and I’d really like to see her live whatever life that brings her happiness. Instead, what we’ve gotten is a character who never seems to be certain about what she wants and is always vulnerable to the whims and suggestions of others. Enter Hank.

Carl invited Sarah on a dream vacation to Zimbabwe for a week. A rare opportunity, Sarah could have expanded her portfolio and enjoyed some great company. Of course, the trip would have required her to push back the project she’s partnered on with Hank. Unsurprisingly, Hank does not receive this news well, but begrudgingly accepts it until he finds out that Sarah is delaying the project to go on a trip with Carl.

Hank is to be applauded for consulting with Dr. Pelikan about his feelings for Sarah. However, there is no excuse for his manipulation. Just because he tries to find a way to tactfully confront Sarah does not make his actions any less manipulative. The entire song and dance about wanting Sarah to pursue her own interests was a load of BS. Yes, it’s an accurate assessment of Sarah, but Hank was only confronting her because he was trying to prevent her from going on the trip. If that wasn’t frustrating enough, Sarah caved and broke things off with Carl. I cant. I simply can’t keep doing this with Sarah.

Growing Pains
Crosby has come a long way since we first met him on Parenthood. He’s a great sibling, a dedicated father and a loving husband. He is also, however, still a son and not at all happy about his parents selling his childhood home. Crosby displayed none of the growth and maturity we’ve seen over the last two seasons as he accused Camille of being selfish because she wanted to sell the house. It was even harder to watch Crosby try to play the guilt card by announcing that his family would stay in a condo to avoid getting in the way of his parents plan to sell the home. No parent is going to force their kid out – no matter how old they are – so Camille caved and welcomed Crosby to stay as long as he needs.

Don’t we all suspect that this will end with Crosby buying the home? If so, why go through this tension with Camille? Sometimes I wonder if the Parenthood writers don’t know what to do with Crosby if he’s not in conflict with his wife or another family member.

Ed Returns – Blech
Here’s the good news, if you’re rooting for Joel and Julia to stay together, the couple is still wearing their wedding rings. Unfortunately, it’s all downhill from there. I knew we’d see Ed again. Barring a relocation or transferring his child to a different school, it makes sense that we would see the Sustainability Committee reunited. Against Julia’s wishes, Ed shows up at the house wanting to talk. Completely ignoring her own culpability for the state of her marriage, Julia blames Ed for her broken home. Oh, Parenthood writers. You’re making it so hard for me to feel any sympathy for Julia. Ed calls Julia out on her crap and she responds by showing up at his house with dinner. Parenthood is really testing my patience here.

Until next week!
It wasn’t all bleak last night. In my favorite moment of last night’s episode, we learned that Kristina is still cancer free. Excellent news. I don’t want her to give up on her dreams, but I’m still not ready to watch her battle to open up a school. We’ll see what impact, if any, Mr. Knight’s words had on her.

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