‘Mad Men’ Gets Trippy Season 7 Key Art

And so Mad Men finally embraced the hippie, trippy ’60s.

AMC released the season seven key art today featuring a downright groovy design by graphic designer Milton Glaser. We still get that infamous Don Drapper silhouette, but now he gazes at this odd poster, so out of step with the culture he grew up in. Amongst the swirling imagery is the image of what could be the Greek god Dionysus indulging in a cocktail. Interestingly, Dionysus is an example of a dying god, perhaps symbolizing Don’s fall from season six and a possible ascension in season seven. It could also nod to Don’s growing feelings of irrelevancy in a rapidly changing world. Or maybe it’s just a cool poster. Hit me with your theories in the comments below.

Mad Men season seven premieres Sunday, April 13th at 10pm on AMC.