Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (2)
A Grey’s Anatomy episode about the panty police with a few moments of the practice of medicine sprinkled in sounds like an excellent idea! No. No it doesn’t. Oh well.

The hospital finally has a fraternization policy in place, which prohibits superiors from having romantic relationships with their subordinates. I understand that doctors spend most of their day at the hospital and that it is not completely off base that their colleagues become their primary dating pool. However, the fictional doctors on Grey’s Anatomy have fraternized so much that it borders on incestuous. You could create a really disturbing chart of relations on Grey’s Anatomy if you used Alex as the central person and looked back on all of his romps and flings from the start of the series. Blech.

I’m generally not a fan of the interns, but it was nice to see Richard providing support to Shane. He’s so fragile it’s hard to watch at times. On the topic of the interns, what the hell is Jo’s problem? She was starting to become somewhat likeable, but lately not so much. I thought her misplaced anger towards Stephanie about the fraternization policy was insensitive – not just because she was wrong, but because of what Stephanie has been through thanks to the newly married Jackson. I also wish she and Alex could have come up with a better way to carry out their fake public breakup. A relationship should not come at the cost of you acting completely unprofessional in front of your colleagues and patients. Ugh.

With Sandra Oh’s departure publicly announced, I find it frustrating that the Grey’s Anatomy writers are spending her last few months on the show by continuing to explore this relationship with Owen that we all know will not work. Surely, they can find something else to do with Cristina. Further, Kevin McKidd will return next season and I would hate for this to compromise Owen as a character. He’s one of the few I actually still like on the show. What exactly was Owen thinking when he broke up with Emma after sex with Cristina? I wanted to throw my remote at the tv after hearing Owen tell Emma that they wanted different things after she shared her dreams of being a stay-at-home mom to two or three kids. Who the hell is this person and what have they done with Owen?

I have no interest in seeing April and Jackson in newlywed bliss.

The interns were charged with developing a plan to save a young girl’s life and Jo decides that she has time for a quickie with Alex? Thank you, Shane, for being a voice of reason. I never thought I’d say this, but poor Leah. I’m glad the interns are letting Ben into the group. Do you think the interns will learn their lesson about not letting their interpersonal conflict and feelings get in the way of patient care? Probably not. Not on Grey’s Anatomy.

So Ben becoming an intern has made Bailey all better? Really?

If Jo and Alex get married to get around the fraternization policy, I may have to stop watching this show. Let’s not forget her unresolved anger issues.

A new house, fresh start and newly engraved ring have not fixed the issues between Arizona and Callie. I find their scenes together to be awkward and uncomfortable. I need the writers to make a call on this couple and stay the course.

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