Community Season 5 “App Development and Condiments” Reivew

After a more somber episode last week, Community returned this week with a funny, mustard-faced look at the influence of social networking app on Greendale. Generally, I like when typically straight forward things spiral out of control on Greendale. The election episode in which a simple student council race culminated in Annie showing Jeff’s Real World audition tape to her fellow Greendale students was hilarious. Watching the growing influence of the Meow Meow Beenz app provided for some solid moments:

– Buzz is easily my favorite part of the season. I loved his exasperated response to not being able to choose the parts of the country for which he fought. His “Mark Zuckerberg is Fidel Castro in flip flops” line was my favorite of the night. I also loved his strategy for obtaining five Meow Meow Beenz status by pretending as though every day was his birthday. I will never grow tired of the image of Jonathan Banks clad in white with a birthday hat atop his head.

– I also enjoyed Abed simultaneously giving into the caste system created by the app, while also recognizing how ridiculous it is.

– The idea of Britta only being taken seriously when she had mustard on her face was completely absurd, yet still funny in a very uniquely Community way.

There have been lots of great cameo appearances this season and the addition of Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz to last night’s episode was quite a coup. Although I loved the idea of him appearing on Community in theory, Koog was not exactly my favorite part of the episode.

Additionally, the conflict between Jeff and Shirley felt a bit redundant. It’s been well established that both characters are master manipulators in very different ways. I find them working together towards mischief much more entertaining than the two of them in conflict. I really thought the pair turned a corner in Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism, so the conflict at the start of the episode felt a bit repetitive and like a turn in the wrong direction from the progress they’d made.

Overall, “App Development and Condiments” was a pretty funny episode. The episode was light and whimsical and Community is great at escalating its characters into mass hysteria and returning them back to sanity in thirty minutes with commercials. How many Meow Meow Beenz would you give this week’s episode? Sound off below!