Rake Season 1 Review “Three Strikes”

Rake Episode 7 Three Strikes (1)

This week’s episode of Rake was all about burning bridges and the power of threes. Following suite with the series’ signature opening, Kee usually sustains some type of physical injury within the first 10 minutes. This time it was a nail in the hand that would make most squeamish. He took it well and accepted a deal to pay his loan shark Roy $4k each week. Kee’s bad luck didn’t end there. His next meeting is with the mayor who puts a stop to a decent plea deal for what looks like all of Kee’s future clients. He’s mad about Kee and his wife which doesn’t play out well for Kee’s latest client who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time during a robbery. While all of this is going on Kee has lost his office and has been relocated to the basement by the maintenance man named Ragu. The whole situation is hilarious with Kee telling Leanne she must work over Ragu to get them a better office.

Maddy’s couples weekend with Bruce was also a major highlight. Miranda Otto has a fire about her and she’s really the only one who knows Kee like a book. Watching their back and forth banter and their bets is great. For a minute it looked like Kee had lost both his ladies, but Maddy’s look of disgust at Bruce was the best before she stormed off, swearing that another minute with him would make her sick. Meanwhile, Mikki looks to have forgotten all about Kee (in what looks like his third strike) now that Harry Potter has asked her to move in.

All of this is playing out great however, because it seems to be moving Kee in the right direction. He decides to do what’s best for his client by earning a mistrial for his antics, he is admitting his faults, and he has come to the realization that a job at Ben’s firm could be better for his life. It looks like the storyline is finally moving forward.’Rake’ is finally heating up. What do you think? Does it look like Kee’s life might be taking a turning point?