CW ‘Reign’ Episode Too Racy For TV To Stream Online


CW’s Reign will release a racy version of their March 6 episode online. The episode that reportedly involves sex scenes is said to be too hot for TV. One of the mature scenes is at the start of the episode while the other is near the end. The latter involves Mary, the Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane), who must choose between King Henry II’s two sons who have been vying for her love. Some of the content had to be cut out in order for the freshman fantasy series to meet broadcast content standards. Now show runners will release the racy episode online via the CW site on Friday morning, March 7.

This is familiar territory for ‘Reign’ who attracts adults 18-34. Last October the show had to tone down its pilot episode due to risque scenes. As of late, the CW network has yet to comment on the episode’s content. A representative for the CW noted that the network “is not adding R-rated content here, just offering a more sexually intense edit of the existing program,” according to EW. The Parent’s Television Council has since issued a statement over the CW’s plans.

“The CW Network is doing parents no favors by allowing children unfettered access to sexual content from this young adult and teen-targeted show online,” said Dan Isett, PTC director of communications and policy. “It’s appalling that a broadcast network would flaunt broadcast standards in this manner and the network should be condemned for this action … There’s a reason that the CW Network’s own standards department cut the two sex scenes from the broadcast version – they weren’t appropriate for television. So what makes them appropriate to post online where presumably children will be able to watch them with no rating or blocking capability? Nothing. The CW Network should be ashamed.”