Twisted Season 1 Review “Danny Indemnity”

Twisted Episode 12 Dead Men Tell Big Tales (11)

The mystery of who killed Regina Crane is over now, and replacing it is the question of who exactly moved Vikram’s body from the woods to a staged car crash? And did that person do so in order to protect Danny and/or Jo, or did they have blackmail on their mind? It’s certainly a question with an endless array of answers that, in a town full of suspect characters, could literally lead anywhere. The problem with Twisted season 1b, however, is that the intrigue of the first half of the season was down to the apparent lack of ambiguity surrounding Danny’s status as a murderer, and that’s been lost.

Without it, the show almost feels like just another Pretty Little Liars imitator, and has no unique selling point left open to it after Dexter’s demise late last year. I was watching a show about a potential sociopath who definitely killed his aunt but may also have murdered his classmate, and now we’re following a conflicted angel who not only didn’t kill anyone, but is wracked with guilt over not pulling his father up from a cliff’s edge. Sure, if anyone found out what went down in the woods that night, it would instantly be assumed that Danny let his father die for the insurance money, but we know that isn’t the case.

With established characters that we have bonded with and compelling relationships between them, there’s still a heck of lot to love about Twisted, and the cast make it eternally watchable, but that doesn’t erase what a strange and potentially silly decision the writers chose to make in between the first and second halves of the first season. The show is still finding its feet with this new overhauled concept, and there a few hints at a potential journey into villainy for Danny, but it’s hard to accept such a huge change that’s, in my opinion as a fan, a largely negative one.

Other thoughts:

– Tess had another baby before Jo but, before we could all shout random names at the screen, we learnt that the child was actually a girl, and she seemed pretty convincing when telling her story about a faceless one night stand. Do we believe her? Or is Vikram the father of this lost child? Let the speculation begin!

– Assuming Danny’s hunch that Karen was the one who moved the body was wrong, how is she going to react to the news that her son killed his own father? Like Jo, we all know that Karen is eternally loyal to Danny but, with such sensitive information in her hands when Jack is sniffing around the $10 million inheritance, how long before that news spreads further than any of them would like?

– This was a rough week for Danny/Lacey shippers, with Danny refusing to give up his secret, but how do we read his decision to go to the diner and confide in Jo? Right now I like Danny and Jo much more as friends but, much like Jo’s slight jealousy when faced with Rico and Andie, another side of Danny might emerge when he has to deal with his friend’s growing closeness to Charlie.

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