Survivor: Season 28 Review “Cops-R-Us”

After last week’s turbulent 2-hour season premiere, Survivor returned tonight with the first regular episode of the season in “Cops-R-Us”. With a large portion of the premiere being devoted to stupid decisions and destructive tribe members, I was hoping that this installment would leave a better taste in my mouth. For the most part I was a little more impressed, although there were still plenty of boneheaded decisions made.

The title of the episode came when Tony revealed to Sarah that he was a cop. I’m not sure why he even bothered denying it in the first place if he was just going to reveal it so quickly. I get that there might be some kind of “blue blood” bond between police officers that civilians like me don’t understand, but if anybody is keeping something as trivial as their occupation from me, then I would definitely be thinking twice about allying myself with them. If you’re so shady and secretive about that, then what are you gonna hide from me?! It’s also weird, by the way, that he doesn’t even say what city he’s from. He just said he’s a cop in a “Large city”. Just say “New York”, dude! Instead, Sarah falls for it all and she swears on her badge to stick with him to the end. We’ll see how that works out for her.

Another big pre-challenge scene came in the form of LJ miraculously finding a clue in the water where Morgan was searching last week. I was shocked that he was able to find this one without any clue. Usually people usually find idols without clues by just searching near landmarks and under conspicuous looking rocks, but this dude just found it in the water near a giant cliff! Totally crazy that he was able to pull that out. I’m really liking this new pattern of hiding the clues underwater, since they’re much harder to find now, but apparently they need to hide them even better!

The tree mail was a little odd tonight. I don’t feel like they usually explain to the tribes what exactly will be happening in the challenges, but that’s what happened here. They did this a lot in the earlier seasons, and they would give the tribes an opportunity to practice before the challenge, but they’ve stopped doing that as often. So this led to what was the first scene of the season that was played entirely for comedic purposes, as we see the hapless Brains tribe practicing throwing water from buckets. I loved this scene so much, so I hope they have more excuses in the future to goof around.

The actual challenge was really cool, and I loved seeing the Brains tribe come from behind and taking second place! Their goofy practice actually paid off! I don’t know if any of the Brains players have a chance of winning the game, since they all seem so difficult to get along with socially, but they’re a group full of misfits that you can’t help but root for! Who’d a thunk that getting voting out Garrett and his rippling muscles would actually translate to their first challenge win?!

So it’s the Beauty tribe instead that is sent to their first tribal, and we get our first revote of the season! We so rarely have revotes, and they’re especially rare so early in the game, so I was pretty surprised to see this happen. I don’t know if this means that everybody is playing such strong individual games, or if there’s just complete disharmony in the tribe and nobody really knows what they’re doing, but I’m guessing it’s the former. Anyway, Brice may think he’s beautiful, but he’s gonna have to go be beautiful somewhere else! Part of me felt bad for him, since I really thought he was a little too smart to be put on that tribe, but then he goes and says in his little interview at the end that he was voted out first because he’s so good looking and fashionable. Uh-huh. Well, good riddance, Brice!

Random Thoughts:

– I don’t know why they even bother giving the tribes different local names if they’re just going to refer to them by “Brains” and “Brawn” and stuff.

– There was a lot of really cool slow-motion shots of the rain and challenge tonight. Something tells me the Survivor cameramen got a fancy new slo-mo HD camera.

– Hey guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Survivor producers wanted you to realize that Morgan has large breasts. All right, just so we’re all on the same page…