Supernatural Season 9 Review “#THINMAN” – Getting Punched in the Feels


In this episode of Supernatural, called “#THINMAN,” the boys run into the Ghostfacers on a new case, but it’s anything but a laugh-riot once the truth about Thinman comes out.

Is this show trying to break my heart, or what? Here we were given this lovely teaser about the Ghostfacers coming back and the hopes that maybe Ed and Harry would be able to lighten the dark mood around Sam and Dean. But sadly, they only made things worse.

Ed and Harry did bring a few laughs, but soon those laughs were replaced by sad sighs as their drama grew to Winchester levels. The interesting thing is that I actually found myself liking Ed and Harry more throughout this episode, despite the fact that it wasn’t a normal Ghostfacers-type episode. Who knew that their story would lead to Ed admitting that he had made up the entire Thinman story to keep Harry on the team? Who knew that his plan started because he thought he was doing the right thing for Harry by breaking him up with his girlfriend and keeping him from taking the job that Ed was sure he would hate? Who knew that they’d end up having a conversation that was so reminiscent of Sam and Dean’s recent ones that I started to suspect it was all one big joke.

Seriously, I began wondering if maybe Crowley was behind it all, or heck, even if Gabriel had somehow returned as the Trickster. The words that Ed and Harry said to each other were echoes of those that Sam and Dean have said to each other during their recent fall-out. Surely, that couldn’t be a coincidence, right?

But sadly no demon or angel jumped out of the woodwork to say “Aha!” and no one stopped Ed and Harry as their relationship unraveled as badly as Sam and Dean’s has. Nor did the Winchesters observe Ed and Harry’s fight and decide that nothing was worth destroying the love of family. Instead, the ending saw every man collapsing into his own heartbreak over what had happened, but none of them figuring out what could be done to fix it.

This show has taken my heart out of my chest, dragged it behind the Impala on a dirt road and now beaten on it with a baseball bat. And yet, I can’t help but to keep watching and hoping that somehow, some way Sam and Dean (and now Ed and Harry) will find out how to become brothers again. I only wonder what it will take for that to happen.

My favorite bits:

Totally feeling my skin crawl when the girl saw the monster in the picture on her phone. Worst nightmare ever.

Dean telling Sam he didn’t know what he wanted anymore. Ouch.

Thinking the term “supernaturalists” was about the best thing I’d ever heard.


“It could be a platonic arm that’s touching her.”

Sam and Dean plopping themselves into Ed and Harry’s booth.

“The Winchesters. Yay.”
“Says nobody.”

Dean asking if he was supposed to be impressed with Harry’s treasure trail or his lady gun. Haha!

“I will shot you. bitches.”

“Fifty shades of way too much protein.”

Harry sniffing the dead girl’s bra. So wrong and so hilarious.

“We’re going to need snorkels because we’re going to be swimming around in so much.”
“Thought you boys might be thirsty.” – Oops. Awkward much?

Dean slapping Harry in the ass.

Not being able to help the giggles that came out of me every time Dean rolled his eyes and visibly stopped himself from basically beating the crap out of the Ghostfacers.

“Cut the crap. Do either of you know what Thinman is?”
“No, we just play supernaturalists on TV.”

Harry putting on his ninja gear.

“Quit raining on my rainbow.”
“Rainbows can’t happen without rain.”

Harry claiming that they were professionals, right before putting on his ridiculous headgear.

Sam and Dean reminiscing about dressing up as Superman and Batman. My poor heart.

Ed admitting that he made up Thinman. Wait. What??

The look Dean gave Sam when Sam told Ed that secrets ruin relationships. Oh, boy.

Ed coming face-to-face with Thinman. Whoa.

“You crashed the Jenga tower of our lives.”

Oh come on! Now the Ghostfacers are having the same fight that Sam and Dean are having? That gave me a sad.

“I just got punched right in the feels.” – OMG Harry, you just took the words right out of my mouth.

Nearly jumping off my couch when the cop shocked Sam and Dean. I so wasn’t expecting that.

Sam and Dean passing looks as Dean kept the sickos busy and Sam worked on his cuffs. Nice to see that they can still communicate even when they’re fighting.

“It’s Scooby Doo-time, douche bag.”

The entire “meme” conversation.

Dean stabbing Roger with his own knife. Wow, that was brutal.

Ed jumping in front of Norwood’s gun to protect Sam.

Harry shooting Norwood. That was also brutal. Poor Harry.

“They were just people.”
“Well, like I said, people are sick.”

That final fight between Ed and Harry and Harry driving off with Sam and Dean. Too. Many. Feels. WTF, show?

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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