Revolution Season 2 Review “Dreamcatcher”

Revolution Season Episode 15 Dreamcatcher (3)

One egregiously bad bit of product placement aside, “Dreamcatcher” was a highly entertaining episode of Revolution. Sometimes, a change of pace is exactly what you need, and after several episodes filled with violent blood sports and characters in danger, spending an hour in Aaron’s head was a welcome change. That the episode’s events also pushed the narrative in a new, interesting direction was just the icing on the cake.

What I appreciated most about this episode was how willing it was to commit to the idea. This easily could’ve been an episode of Aaron slowly trying to figure out what was going on, with him only really catching on in the last ten or fifteen minutes. Instead, things went crazy early on, with a vision of Charlie taking a crossbow to some of the nano’s agents. From there, it was basically a non-stop action ride, with Aaron doing his best to stay one step ahead of the Horne construct.

What really set this episode apart was all of the meta-humor. My personal favorites included the critiquing of Charlie’s belly shirt and Aaron calling out Monroe’s obsession with Civil War outfits. All of the jokes were great because they gave the show a chance to poke fun at itself, as well as some of the questionable story and design choices it made in its early days.

Dramatically, the ending was a great highlight, and was a moment that actually managed to trick me. When Aaron took control of his mind and seemingly escaped, I really did believe that the nanotech was going to die. I caught on about the time Rachel got hit with some of that mega-lightning, but in the heat of the moment? I can see how Aaron would be desperate to put the code in.

Now, I mentioned it right off the bat, but wow, was that some downright offensive advertising. I get that a show like Revolution doesn’t have as many opportunities to seek out this sort of extra funding, but the show was straight up a Bud Light commercial for a minute. Honestly, you could cut that section out and run it during a football game, it was that bad. It was a brief moment, sure, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

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