Person of Interest Season 3 Review “RAM”


Last night’s Person of Interest was an origin story that helped connect some of the dots relating to the machine. We got a glimpse back at Finch’s initial efforts to save “irrelevants” after Nathan’s death. Demonstrating that he doesn’t always get things right, Finch had a faux Reese, Dillinger, who turned out to be more invested in himself than the mission.

Dillinger felt like the anti-Reese. He was impetuous, incapable of following orders, and unprofessional. You know at the outset when he sleeps with person of interest who he’s just rescued that Dillinger is not at all like Reese. All of Finch’s chastisements fall on deaf ears and Dillinger makes it clear that he’ll handle things his own way. This disconnect creates the biggest problem in their relationship – a complete lack of trust. Finch can’t trust Dillinger to use good judgment in situations; therefore, he is hesitant to give him any information on the machine. This is a stark contrast to the relationship that Reese and Finch have.

The machine directs Finch to Daniel Casey, a man who worked for the government, but now finds himself to be the target of the CIA and Greer’s group. This is the first time Finch learns about Reese. The CIA shadow group tasks Reese and his partner, Kara Stanton, with killing Casey and obtaining the computer drive that he stole. Throughout the interactions with Stanton and Reese, we see again (we know this from previous flashback episodes) that Reese was never as ruthless as Stanton. This is confirmed at the end when Reese has a chance to kill Casey, and instead gives him bus money and tells him to flee to Canada. Finch overhears this development and it’s undoubtedly the moment when he starts to contemplate Dillinger’s replacement.

The episode helped fill in how the hard drive ended up in China with Reese and Stanton chasing it. It also brought Shaw into the loop by revealing her to be Dillinger’s executioner (kind of – he was already full of bullets). As always, I am still a little confused by the various shadow groups. Claypool sends Reese and Stanton to China to be killed, but she also runs the operation that employs Shaw. Does that mean Shaw and Reese were working for the same group?

Greer, the creepy old guy, reappeared in this episode. This is one character and storyline that I find confusing. He returns infrequently, so it is hard to remember his connection to everyone – let alone his name. He is also chasing the hard drive and learns that it’s en route to China. Evidently, this is where Greer learns about Stanton and is eventually able to reach out to her for assistance. I need more info on this group and Greer. Otherwise, when he pops up, I just think, “Oh it’s that guy, again, doing something bad.”

At the end, we see that Casey is still alive. Root tracks him down at the machine’s request. I can only guess that the machine needs Casey to handle something related to the Samaritan threat. But, why wouldn’t the machine go to Finch? I liked the line when Casey tells Root that she’s pretty, but that she’s talking crazy. That seems like an authentic reaction. Though, if someone is turning on gas lines and getting ready to start a fire in my house, I’m running for that passport.

All in all, this was a solid, entertaining episode that advanced the story by filling in the gaps. Frankly, this probably could have occurred a bit earlier.