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Dressed to Kill

In this episode of NCIS, called “Dressed to Kill,” Tony’s father returns and brings with him all kinds of drama for Tony, both professionally and personally.

I have small confession to make. When I saw the previews for this episode, I will admit that I rolled my eyes a bit and sighed in frustration. I thought, “Great, another episode with Tony’s dad somehow magically getting involved in a case.” I felt like that idea had been used to death on this show, especially with Daddy DiNozzo, and doing it for the 250th episode was kind of annoying.

Turns out I was wrong. Way wrong. Like so far wrong I feel like writing a retraction to a review I never even wrote.

The reason this story worked was that Senior wasn’t involved in the case beyond the first few minutes. Once he was questioned by Eugene, he was done and the rest of his story was a personal one. But even though Daddy DiNozzo’s involvement in the case was short-lived, it still allowed for lots of drama on Tony’s end. Junior had to deal with being questioned by IG, then being benched as Eugene did his investigation, then having to hide from Gibbs the fact that he’d snuck into Bodeen’s office.

In addition to the professional difficulties for Tony, there were also the personal ones. His father was once again caught in a lie, leaving Tony wondering what the heck was going on until he got some very interesting (and very false) information from Bishop. That sent Tony hiding from his dad and Senior running to Gibbs for help. The fact that Daddy DiNozzo still goes to Gibbs for advice on how to handle his son just warms my heart. I think us longtime fans will never be able to give up the idea of Gibbs as Tony’s father-figure, even with his real father around. So it’s nice to see that relationship acknowledged, especially by Tony’s father.

The way it was set up, I had a feeling that Tony’s father wasn’t marrying the young woman McGee and Bishop saw him with. In fact, I was pretty sure the woman would turn out to be his fiance’s daughter. Finding out I was right made me happy, but not just because I enjoy being right. I’m happy to see that, after all those early years of Tony’s family life being in shambles, it’s continuing to build into something truly wonderful. Soon he’ll have a stepmom who will love him, plus a sister-in-law and probably more nieces and nephews to come. The idea of Uncle Tony being surrounded at a big family dinner by laughing relatives and a bunch of kids makes me smile.

That and the fact that more family is bound to mean more drama every once in a while. What can I say? I’m a Tony-angst-addict and I can’t give up my fix entirely.

My favorite bits:

The look on Daddy DiNozzo’s face after he saw his son shoot someone. That must have been quite a shock.

“We’re all suffering from Sunday Interruptus, Mr. Palmer.” Ducky

Finding out why Tony stopped the commander. Nicely done, Tony!

Gibbs asking Bishop to corral Tony’s dad.

“Every time he comes to.” – I was sooooo thinking the same thing. Poor Tony.

“Ichabod Crane says I can’t leave town.”

Tony’s dad asking Abby for a hug. Aw.

Gibbs ordering everyone not to tell Tony that the victim was a private investigator.

“I’m a trained investigator. I observe things.”

McGee and Bishop swapping stories about the plans they were both giving up that night.

Tony asking McGee to back him out about his dad being a one-man wrecking crew.

Gibbs disarming Tony. Yikes.

Bishop and McGee finding Tony’s dad, and a pregnant woman, walking into a hotel room.

“Experience has taught me it’s best not to get involved in DiNozzo family affairs.” – No kidding.

McGee telling Bishop she had to collect all the feathers and remarking that Tony did much worse to him. Oh yes, he did.

Abby refusing to let I mean Eugene into her office.

Abby ordering Eugene to leave her lab. I just love that girl.

McGee walking into Bodeen’s office to find Tony already there.

Tony doing a Bogart impression. I disagree with McGee, I thought it was pretty good. Especially the thing with the hat, which I thought looked awesome on Tony.

Tony impersonating Bodeen. Loved the film noir music and theme of that scene.

The maneuver where Tony walked out of the room and McGee walked in flashing his badge. That was pretty cool.

Daddy DiNozzo announcing that he’d found his soul mate and was getting married. Uh oh.

McGee and Bishop trading looks when Tony announced he was getting a new stepmom. I loved that Tony totally spotted them at it, too.

“Don’t be stupid, probie. I can make your life miserable. Just ask McGee.”

Tony getting Bishop to admit everything they knew about the woman at the hotel.

Tony screwing up and letting Gibbs know that he knew about Bodeen. So surprised her got a “good job” and not a head slap for that one.

“Junior and I have hit another rough patch.”
“You think?”

Gibbs reading Daddy DiNozzo the riot act for getting engaged to a woman young enough to be his daughter and getting her pregnant. I had a feeling that was going to turn out to be his fiance’s daughter.

Gibbs ordering Tony to go talk to his dad.

Tony slowly sitting down when he found out that his father was marrying his godmother.

Tony admitting that he felt like he would be betraying his mother if he approved of his dad’s marriage and Gibbs pointing out that maybe his dad felt the same way.

Tony in another hat. So cute.

“I know Mom would approve.”
“That’s what I needed to hear.” – Dangit, here come the tears.

Tony’s dad telling Tony he loved him, twice. I love how he always does that.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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