Glee Season 5 Review “Trio”

Glee Season 5 Episode 10 Trio (1)

The now-mute glee club juniors might disagree, but graduation 2.0 just can’t come fast enough. As Blaine even says in this episode of Glee, ‘Trio’, they wanted to have a really great senior year but instead it’s been a weird, experimental, imitative year filled with lost friends, bad set lists and even worse character decisions. It’s the equivalent of Community’s “gas leak year”, if you will and, while ushering the lucky few over to New York and cutting the show in half might not fix everything that’s wrong, it’s a great place to start. Who goes, we don’t know, but the excellent Billy Joel episode suggests we’re definitely keeping Sam and Blaine at least.

And, as the strongest moments of this episode prove, that’s a really good thing. While it’s sad to see the new cast sitting in the choir room and swaying to the sweet, sweet music of more established characters, it’s also exciting to get back to what the audience really love. Glee was never about the glee club – it was about the characters – and the sad truth is that, without Finn to follow in Will’s footsteps and shape a whole new generation of talented dreamers, there really is no point in staying at McKinley. The show has suffered exponentially from the loss of his character, and the sooner we forget about seasons 4 and 5a, the better.

We have one week left before that happens, and that will involve one last Nationals competition. My guess is that they’ll win, such is the norm on this show, and Will and Emma can live happily ever after in Ohio with their new baby. That leaves the New Yorkers, then, and I have no illusions that their story is perfect either. Rachel and Santana’s feud is useful in that it’s breaking down their unlikely friendship (like Rachel and Kurt, born out of the fact that they were the most popular characters out of the graduates) before it’s rebuilt into something recognisably human, and that definitely needs to be done before old friends and newbies hop on the train.

Other thoughts:

– I surprisingly didn’t hate the Sam/Tina pairing, mainly because it instantly made Tina more appealing, but I still have hopes for the teased Sam/Rachel thing that was promised a few episodes ago. It might have been too soon to have a non-Finchel romantic interest back then but, by the time Sam gets to the loft and Rachel moves out from under Elliott’s feet, flirtations wouldn’t be inappropriate.

– Pamela Lansbury was not a band – they were a random selection of characters who could all sing. The trio that emerged this week, however, looked and sounded the part. I might be a diehard Adam Lambert/Demi Lovato/Chris Colfer fan and thus pretty biased, but it can’t just have been me who wanted to hear more of their set? It was also nice to see Glee making use of their guest stars after weeks of silence.

What did you think of the episode? Who will you miss most out of the departing cast members? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.