The Originals Season 1 Review “Le Grand Guignol”

In the latest episode of “The Originals,” Celeste/Sabine made a big power play on the behalf of the witches- and another on behalf of herself, in “Le Grand Guignol.” Guess which one cost this witch? Actually, in spite of the overall outcome of that particular plotline, Celeste may have the last laugh yet, what with the way the episode ended, with all three Originals trapped within a graveyard until the next full moon, and Klaus none too happy with any of them. Not to mention the fact that he’s armed with a white oak stake, aka the only thing that can legitimately kill an Original and it’s his own “special” version of that, whatever that means. If it’s as bad as the blade he got stabbed with twice, then someone’s about to feel some real pain, if not outright death.

Of course, the real question is: are they really gonna go there? Does the show have the guts to take out an Original in the first season? I’m guessing they probably wish they hadn’t axed a few of those brothers on “The Vampire Diaries” right about now, then they might have some alternate Originals to kill. Oh well, you live, you learn. If I had to predict an outcome, I’d say that Klaus will eventually come to his senses and let Rebekah live, but I can’t imagine he’ll let her stay there in New Orleans- or Marcel, for that matter.

However, Marcel does have an ace in the hole via Davina, who’s back, thanks to the offing of two of the main witches on this show: the aforementioned Celeste, as well as her host body, Sabine; plus, for good measure, another returned witch, Bastianna, all of whom were done in by Elijah, in one way or another. Although, technically Celeste killed Sabine, by actually killing herself, literally. In doing so, she also set into motion a spell Elijah gave to Monique, who bet that Celeste wouldn’t betray the witches and lost. Ergo, Celeste sealed her own fate by seeking revenge over family, if you think about it.

This is, of course, what Rebekah did as well, made all the more heartbreaking by the revelation that, if she and Marcel had just waited a little bit longer, Klaus would have let them be happy on his own, choosing family over revenge himself. Obviously, that didn’t get him far, as not so dear old not so dad arrived and sought to take out Klaus, his friends and pretty much everything he loved en masse. Hell, Mikael even trashed his favorite opera house that was about to show his favorite opera! Now, that’s cold.

To say nothing of the fact that he compelled the entire audience (shades of Katherine compelling an entire town to like her on “The Vampire Diaries”) to cheer and clap the torture and murder of some of Klaus’ besties onstage before he torched the place! Not too cool, pops. BTW, the title of the episode is a reference to this scene. “Le Grand Guignol,” aka “The Theater of the Big Puppet,” was a live show back in the day in Paris that specialized in scenes of horror, torture, and general grisliness. It would have been akin to watching a live theater version of something like “Saw” or “Hostel,” in other words, or live “torture porn,” as it were. That Mikael sure has a twisted sense of humor. Are we sure he isn’t really Klaus’ son?

I know, I know- he’s not, but he sure picked up some tricks from his erstwhile papa, as Cami pointed out elsewhere in the episode. Will her words of wisdom keep Klaus from taking out his sister once and for all? I guess we’ll have to wait and see next week, but Rebekah better hope that Davina and Marcel come through for her, or she’s toast, I should think, because Klaus didn’t look to have too many warm and fuzzy intentions towards his sister, IMHO.

This was a really solid episode all around, I thought. I loved the way the past stuff reflected the present stuff, and the way certain things foreshadowed others, i.e. the plotline of Klaus’ favorite opera, “Les Huguenots” and how it tied into Klaus’ undoing with his father, or the fact that Celeste’s vengeance came back to bite her in the behind because one of her most faithful followers, Monique, bet on her to be true to her own “family,” and in failing her, Celeste doomed herself. Hell, Monique even killed a member of her actual family because Sophie didn’t support her extended one. That’s gotta sting. I’m guessing her rebound won’t be pretty, though at least Elijah helped her see the error of her ways, so hopefully it won’t blow back on the Originals.

So, what will go down in that graveyard next week? Who do you think will emerge victorious, if anyone? Or will it end in a stalemate? Can Klaus ever forgive Rebekah? Or Marcel, for that matter? What about Elijah? Will he convince Klaus to hug it out? Will Cami’s words to Klaus do any good? Will Celeste’s potion to reverse the werewolf curse work? Will Hayley turn her back on Elijah to be with her own kind? Sound off on this and more down below and I’ll see you next time!