The Fosters (ABC Family) Review “Escape and Reversals”

The Fosters Episode 18 Escape & Reversals (4)

And out of nowhere, Jesus takes center stage. Just last week, I lamented Jesus’ status as the least interesting teen on the show, but this week the kid came from behind. Much like with Brandon, it seems The Fosters have a Jesus story simmering on the backburner just waiting to overflow into a pot of angst. While Jesus kicked butt in a wrestling match, his love life and the pressure to do right by his team led him to pop two pills before the match. It’s likely that he has started sporadically taking his ADHD medication again when he’s stressed, but acting as his own doctor leads to him being disoriented during the match. Even though he wins, Jesus’ choices are putting him at serious risk.

Adding to his stress was the arrival of Lexi for a week long stay with the Fosters. With her arrival coinciding with Jesus’ decision to breakup with her via email, the reunion was a tad awkward. While I haven’t been a huge fan of Jesus’ love triangle, using his personal issues to drive him to self-administer his medication was an interesting move. With every kid in the house going through a crisis, it will be interesting to see how Stef and Lena react to Jesus’ issues once they come to light. I was concerned the series would never return to that particular part of the story once Emma was introduced, but the love triangle turned out to be something of a red herring. The real story is in Jesus feeling overwhelmed and refusing to open up to his mothers or siblings.

In the meantime, Callie and Jude’s adoption continues to be the family’s most pressing matter. Their father gives up his rights to his children off-screen so that the adoption can move forward, but Jude wants to see his father before the paperwork is final. Callie says she wants nothing to do with him, but by the episode’s end, she shows up at his door. His first words to his daughter? “I was just thinking about you.” That doesn’t bode well. I fully expect next week’s episode to leave us all an emotional wreck.

Most of this week’s story revolved around teen love. Just as Jesus decided he wanted to be with Lexi, she found his email and broke up with him (with a lot of grace, I have to add.) Mariana finally admitted to Zach that she had feelings for him, and he suggested a real date…until his mother showed up. It’s unclear what her issue with Mariana is, but she is standing in the way of adorableness and must be stopped. Finally, there was Brandon and Callie. Those two continue to be a slightly more sensible version of Romeo and Juliet. The scene where Callie told Brandon she didn’t know him anymore was packed with emotion. The conversation turned Brandon around leading him to shut down the fake ID ring as best he could and return the money, but his accomplice in the ring is now out to hurt him by getting Callie into more trouble. Meanwhile, Mike’s new girlfriend continues to veer into the creepy zone by both insisting Brandon stay in their apartment and making sure Brandon is indebted to her by loaning him 900 dollars to pay back Mike.

This woman clearly intends on crossing boundaries with Brandon and given his current state of mind, I can see a scenario where he takes the bait. I’m not completely convinced The Fosters would go down such a soap opera-esque road, but the story appears to be heading in that direction. However, if I’ve learned one thing from this series it is that it rarely takes the road well-traveled when there is a far more enticing unexplored one to choose from.

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