‘Star-Crossed’ (Season 1): What Is the Deal with the Atrians?

Star-Crossed CW

WARNING: If you have not seen any of the three episodes of Star-Crossed that have aired so far, please be forewarned there are spoilers ahead.

As the story goes in the new CW series Star-Crossed, an alien race from the planet called Atria, who became known as the Atrians, crash-landed on Earth on September 17, 2014. Their unexpected and unwelcome arrival quickly brings about a war between their race and human beings.

Caught in the cross-fire of that war is six-year Emery Whitehill and Atrian Roman, who – on the orders of his father – runs for his life from the ensuing battle. He ends up in the storage shed of the Whitehill residence where Emery provides him shelter, a warm blanket and a meal of cold pasta. The friendship they build is, of course, short-lived as the military finds and shoots him down, leaving Emery to believe that Roman died on that fateful day.

Ten years later, they are reunited at school where Emery (series lead Aimee Teegarden) is attending for the first time in four years due to an immune deficiency that kept her in the hospital all that time and Roman is part of the Atrian 7 – selected members of the alien race who are being integrated into the human world via the local high school.

While some of the human race have accepted the Atrians, many have not. But there are even bigger issues to contemplate: What is the deal with the Atrians? What really caused their ship to crash land on Earth? What is up with the rogue Atrians, like Office Jack Beaumont (recurring guest star Tahmoh Penikett), who have implanted themselves within the human race, hiding their true identity? And, what is up with cipher, the miracle plant for which Roman used on Emery’s best friend Julia (series regular Malese Jow) to save her life? The very plant, combined with Roman’s blood, that cured her cancer is now causing an adverse reaction to her body; something that is a rare occurrence that can be cured before her veins, which are now glowing blue, reach her face. When that happens, it will be permanent.

And what is the true goal of the Trags, that fringe element within the Atrians who want out of the sector where they have been held for nearly the past decade? They have enlisted angry Atrian Drake (series regular Greg Finley) to get onto their crashed ship so they can seek retribution against the Humans? And that being said what will the Red Coats, the fringe element of the human race who want the Atrians off our planet, do in retaliation? You know damn well that there is going to be some kind of war between the two species and it’s not going to end well at all. But that is a story for another time.

For right now, though, we’ve got to see what Drake and the Trags will do next especially after the former stole that sphere from their crashed ship and it was used to take down Jack in a shocking fashion; what more will happen to Julia since Roman was able to acquire the “cure” for the cipher after affect (but what was that blue light that emanated from inside the car where Julia took the cure?!); and what is the true reason that the Atrians ended up on Earth; was it really an accidental crash or something more nefarious?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below and make sure to watch the next new episode of the debut season of ‘Star-Crossed’ on The CW on Monday, March 11 at 8/7c.