Lost Girl Season 4 Review “Groundhog Fae”


For most of last night’s Lost Girl episode, I felt as confused as Bo. Everyone was stuck in a Krampus-induced loop that could only be broken by our fae-vorite characters facing their fears. It was like a weird combination of Christmas and Halloween – but in March.

Hale gets into the loop in order to perfect his game with Kenzi. She’s initially angry when she learns of his plan. She doesn’t get that Hale only did it because he wanted everything to be perfect for her. I was initially worried that their relationship would be awkward considering he’s been in the friend box so long. But, they are actually an adorable couple – exactly how I would like Dyson and Bo to be.

Lauren and Dyson spent much of the episode grappling with whether or not to deliver a mysterious box to Bo. Vex kindly steps in to decide who is most worthy of Bo’s box. *groan* I could’ve watched an entire episode with the three of them hanging out in bed. At the end, Dyson and Lauren reach a truce – and Lauren agrees to reattach Vex’s hand. They all seem to have completely forgotten about the box.

Bo gets a hold of Krampus’ little helper and discovers that Krampus is turning people into candy. Tamsin is next up on the conveyor belt. Before becoming sugary goodness, Tamsin confesses that she is the reason the Wanderer found Bo. She says in a previous life, she was a bounty hunter. Tamsin describes the Wanderer as true evil and agrees to find him a certain succubus. This portrait of Bo’s potential daddy explains why Trick admits he’s afraid. Tamsin doesn’t exactly confirm that the Wanderer is Bo’s father.

Bo takes her turn on the conveyor belt, but manages to escape after letting out all of her emotions. She admits that she’s scared that she’s going to lose her friends and family. She also says she’s terrified of what the Wanderer will make her. Luckily, Tamsin is there to lend emotional support. I really like this kinder, gentler Tamsin.

The episode ended a little sadly with Bo and Tamsin unable to go inside because dark fae can’t celebrate with light fae after midnight on Yule. There needs to be a way to bring everyone back over to the light.

Some other random moments were laugh inducing or laughable. The opening sequence of Bo covering herself with suds on top of the car was a combination of ludicrous and hilarious. But, has anyone else reached the limit on Borenson? Naturally, Kenzi stole the show with her pshawing of Krampus. I loved it when she interrupted Trick with a Stephanie Meyers reference. And my favorite had to be the uber creepy guy who kept trying to get Bo to lick his sweat. I don’t know how Anna Silk kept a straight face for those scenes.

It looks like next week, we’re diving deeper into Bo’s darkside. Kenzi gives Bo the box that Dyson and Lauren spent the episode worrying over. Inside is a jar with black smoke. Black smoke is never a good thing – just ask all the inhabitants on the Lost island. It may be that to discover what she really is, Bo has to not just acknowledge her fears, but conquer them.

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