Exclusive Interview: Jason Dohring Talks Veronica Mars Movie, Logan and Veronica, What He Would Tell Logan, and More

VERONICA MARS - Jason Dohring

Veronica Mars is one of my favorite TV shows of all time and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way seeing how successful the Kickstarter campaign to make a Veronica Mars movie was.

And now we’re only a few days away from the premiere of the movie (on March 14th), which means only a few days until we find out whether Veronica and Logan end up together.

Speaking of Logan, TV Equals recently got a chance to interview the dashing Jason Dohring and ask him all about the Veronica Mars movie, what we can expect, what he would tell Logan if he could talk to him, his upcoming projects and more. Enjoy the interview below.

If you had one word to describe the whole experience, what would it be?

Jason Dohring: One word? I guess wild, unprecedented.

What can fans expect from the film?

Jason Dohring: Well, we tried to make it, obviously from the very start, from the ideas, they were hashed by Rob [Thomas] seven years ago after the show, I know. He’s always thinking of continuing storylines. They’re always real fleshed out. That’s kind of the joy of working with him. He tells you very quietly what his plans are, either for future when episodes when we were on the show. I’d just start to get excited, like a little kid, and he’s kind of a little kid when he was talking about it to me, just because it’s so fun in the idea stage. And you’re kind of just like, ‘This is amazing.’
It’s just a great project. I think we really wanted to make it a love letter to our fans, we wanted it to be something that they’d be satisfied with all along the way. I think that Rob really created that in the script, and just having all that support, including even fans on the set who had donated money to come. We’d eat lunch with them. They’d be in a scene with us. It really brought a joy to the whole project, and I think it was only afterwards that we were like, ‘Man, there should’ve been a little bit of pressure actually,’ but we were just having so much fun. Having all the producers in the movie and you’re all making it together, it was super fun.

Does the film leave open the possibility of a second movie if this one does well?

Jason Dohring: I guess we’ll have to see how this one goes. I’ve already sort of considered the first one a success because we raised the money, and now that I’ve seen some of the footage, I think we’re going to be proud of as a group because I think it satisfies what the fans were wanting to see after the show ended. We’re throwing in a bit of Rob’s further questions, or leaving some things sort of unresolved, which is sort of in the vein of how the show was run. So I think we’ll have a lot of everything that we really wanted to do for the fans, and stuff that we’re really proud of.
I was even looping a week and a half ago, and Rob would say, ‘Now, you’ve got to do this line JD. You really have to see this scene. Can we play this scene for him? This is what the fans want to see, buddy.’ I’d watch it and I’d be like, ‘Dude, that’s so good.’ I’m super excited for people to see it because when you got to be part of a project like ‘Veronica,’ of such high quality and even people on the show, I remember, that were promoting the show were like, ‘Dude, sometimes we have to work on projects we don’t like. It is so fun to work on things…we love this show. It’s so cool.’ Just to make a movie that I think captures that same thing, it’s not only just a cool project, but it’ll be good too. I think it’ll be awesome.

Is there hope for Logan and Veronica because they’re not together when the movie starts?

Jason Dohring: Well, […] I think we’ll just have to see how it goes. I don’t know how they’re going to edit the film together. So I don’t know. Now, I know that there’s always a love there. So I think there are some cool scenes where they haven’t seen each other for ten years and we see each other for the first time. This will be in the movie, that particular scene which I think is kind of cool, because when you haven’t seen somebody, particularly an old fling…so that’ll be fun to see, how that connection is and stuff like that. There were scenes where Kristen [Bell] and I would do a scene, and at the end, she’d be like, ‘Whew.’ You can cut the tension with a knife when you’re doing stuff like that. So it was sort of cute and fun and we had a super great time working together.

VERONICA MARS Movie Jason Dohring Kristen Bell

If you could talk to Logan, what would you tell him?

Jason Dohring: Don’t be such a dick, something like that. I think Rob wrote some redeeming qualities in the movie that are cool. He’ll still be himself, but there will be some positive aspects to him, which is cool. But still he’ll remain the snarky self that he is.

What’s been the most surprising thing about being a part of this whole ‘Veronica Mars’ experience so far?

Jason Dohring: Probably just the dialogue and the scenes that I was given to play as a kid, like when the show first started. I guess I hadn’t really thought about getting a role like that, and when I got it, I didn’t quite know what it would turn into, all the different aspects that you get to go through, from his rough family life to his carefree disregard for social customs and stuff like that, which is so charming. The charming dialogue and the love story, I mean the character really got to do it all and I think I got very lucky as an actor to be able to be part of such good writing and good storylines. I think that was what was really enjoyable to me, that right out of high school I got this plumb role that I just really got to sink my teeth into.

If you could talk to yourself at the beginning of ‘Veronica Mars,’ what would you tell yourself?

Jason Dohring: I thought that I was doing pretty good. So I might just encourage myself a little more, maybe to keep it a little bit lighter […].
I remember the pilot, the director, that was like my one note, he goes, ‘Have fun, buddy. Have fun,’ because I would tend to get a little darker, intense or whatever, and when you did add that aspect of fun for the audience, it makes it more enjoyable, I found. Relaxing the body even though you’re very intense is kind of cool because it adds a grace instead of this stringent, rigid body. It’s kind of like a little smoother, and I think some of the better actors improve that when they get fired up.

Is Logan then even more fun in the movie this time around then?

Jason Dohring: I don’t know. The TV show is pretty good, but I think the movie as a whole is just going to be really, really fun. I get some great dialogue that Rob wrote, which is characteristic of his writing for every character, really. There’s punches that’ll be thrown by me which is so fun, fight scenes with stunt guys from the biggest Hollywood movies who helped us out, probably as a favor, but we were lucky to have such coordinated, awesome stunt stuff. There’ll be love stuff in there. There’ll be a lot of asterisk that people liked about the show, and even some other ones that people will really respond to, I feel.

Do you have any other projects you’re working on at the moment?

Jason Dohring: I just did some work up in Canada. Then I shot a movie in Las Vegas called ‘The Squeeze’ that’s coming out a little bit later this year. It’s a sports movie. Starting in early to mid March we’re going to have a campaign for ‘Veronica,’ and so I think they have us going to tour quite a few cities in as many days and we’re just going to be traveling to Austin and to Dallas and then to New York and to L.A. and at The PaleyFest which will be awesome.

If you could guest star on any show, which one would it be?

Jason Dohring: I think I’d pick ‘Deadwood’ or something like that or ‘Game of Thrones,’ or something intense. I think that would be cool.

Veronica Mars the movie will be out in theaters on March 14th.

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