The Middle’s Charlie McDermott and Eden Sher Talk Joining Hallmark Channel’s Lineup, Syndication and More

The Middle Season 5 Episode 14 The Award (10)

The Middle has passed the 100 episode mark, and with the landmark comes a plum spot on The Hallmark Channel’s primetime lineup as a result. TV Equals joined a press call with stars Charlie McDermott and Eden Sher, who have played the Heck siblings Axl and Sue for five seasons (and counting) on ABC’s hit comedy to discuss what it feels like to reach syndication, their favorite memories of the series so far and much more.

Beginning tonight, Monday, March 3 at 8pm on The Hallmark Channel, fans and future fans can catch up on The Middle week nights between 8pm-10pm. New episodes will continue to air on Wednesdays at 8pm on ABC. Read on below for highlights from the call.

On Joining the Hallmark Family

Reaching syndication is an accomplishment for any show, but young actors Sher and McDermott expressed their immense joy that The Middle will now be able to reach a new audience on the Hallmark Channel. Both actors said they weren’t worried about being associated with their characters forever, but rather they embrace the idea that their series will continue to live on long after it ends (which is hopefully still a long ways off). “I’m more really excited for the future when people just call me Sue Heck on the street and I’m getting paid to make birthday party appearances as Sue and that’s my only source of income,” Sher joked.

Sher and McDermott even revealed the odd pact they made in the first season that speaks to how uncertain getting to five seasons is for actors. It seems Sher promised McDermott way back during the filming of the pilot that he could kick her in the head if they made it to 100 episodes. Sounds like a strange deal, right? Listening to the sibling-like bond that has formed between the duo it actually makes a weird kind of sense. However, fans can be assured that McDermott, of course chose the gentlemanly route and did not kick his co-star. Instead, they joined a 100th episode party where Sher couldn’t help but shed a few tears. Both actors agreed it was never about the actual kick, but rather achieving a goal that seemed out of reach way back when the series had just begun.

McDermott and Sher’s Favorite Aspects of Axl and Sue

Sher chimed in to help her co-star out when he was asked what his favorite part of playing Axl is. Their very specific response should make pre-existing fans. “I would say you’re really, really skilled at groaning,” Sher said. “It seems really specific, just the groan and whatever, but I would say my favorite, every time, anytime you have to be outraged at something, something really, really miniscule, I can see the Charlie in every part of you that is super — as you, Charlie, rational, and grateful, and would never complain about anything just to get to throw that out for a second so that you can just be a brat, and groan, and you just do it so well. And it’s with so much heart. It’s crazy how much can go into your groans, your really obnoxious groans.”

As for Sher’s favorite aspect of Sue? The actress embodies so much of the enthusiastic character that she narrowed her choice down to an item of clothing rather than a personality point. At one point in the series, Sue’s wardrobe contained a unicorn onesie and Sher loved the outfit–which so perfectly reflected Sue’s innocent, joyful persona–so much that she took it home.

Do New Fans Need to Start at the Beginning?

Not according to Sher and McDermott. They both agreed that while there are a few running gags, The Middle is accessible at any point. It’s also great family viewing, a rarity in today’s television environment. “I kind of look at it like we’re human cartoon characters in a way,” McDermott said. “Our show is written as though it was going to be drawn by cartoonists but they actually had actors perform it. So yes, I think you can definitely jump in anywhere in any season to start watching it, and not feel like you’re missing anything.”

Favorite Emotional Moments

The Middle is a hilarious series, but throughout all five seasons there have been plenty of heartfelt moments sprinkled in. The duo mind melded on their answer even though Sher was temporarily disconnected. Both actors chose a scene from the recent season five episode “War of the Hecks,” where Sue tearfully rips up her beloved teddy bear to prove a point to her brother.

“The only time I ever actually felt real Charlie emotion was when Eden was ripping up a teddy bear in front of me and she was actually really emotional about it, and I was like, oh my God,” McDermott said. “And that was the most — but I guess that was just a bouncing off of Eden’s emotions because she was excellent, because it was an incredibly good job and I was just — it made me very sad inside. So that was the biggest thing. That would definitely be mine.”

The Moments They’re Most Excited to See Again in Syndication

With The Middle playing from the start on Hallmark, both the fans and the cast can relive some of their favorite moments from seasons past. Again, both McDermott and Sher chose the same episode, one in which the Heck siblings are forced to do a school project together. They cited a love of Sue and Axl stories as the reasoning behind their choice.

That is the lovely thing about The Middle— the cast are as bonded off-screen as they are on, which makes the family drama ring all the truer.

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