Intelligence Season 1 Review “Athens”

For the first time, I found myself actually wishing Intelligence would indulge in a mythology-building two-parter. That’s no small feat for a show I initially wished would stick to case-of-the-week stories. It speaks to how strong the show has grown throughout the season, even with the flaws still on display in “Athens.”

My biggest complaint about this episode really is that it didn’t end on a cliffhanger. The return of Jin Cong coupled with a full-on attack on Cyber Command would be weighty material enough, but to throw in an amnesiac Gabriel switching sides? How cool would it have been to spend a bit more time with this set-up, seeing Gabriel use the chip against his team? It wouldn’t have even been that hard; have the attack start a little further into the episode and have the Athens list be the reveal at the hour’s end. Next week, we could’ve followed Jin Cong and Gabriel to a separate location where the list was being held, with Riley giving chase.

Alright, I’ll stop playing what if, but the truth is this episode was pretty cramped. Gabriel’s amnesia didn’t really play that big a role, which is a shame given the semi-legitimate technobabble they threw out to explain how it could happen. Still, what we got was enjoyable, with Gabriel’s moral compass guiding him to believe Jin Cong. We’ve seen how often Gabriel disagrees with Lillian, so it wasn’t a stretch that, lacking his memories and presented purely with files, he would side with Jin Cong.

Another highlight was that the characters all got to have a moment to shine this week. From Nelson tackling an enemy agent and taking up his assault rifle to Shenendoah setting off his homemade stun bomb, there was some fun to be had among the serious hostage situation.

Still, this show continues to suffer from its insistence on attacking the government every week. I’m not saying the government isn’t without its faults, but to have another episode end with one of the characters all but screaming “The government is so evil, audience!” is really frustrating.

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