Girls Season 3 Review “Flo”

Girls Season 3 Episode 9 Flo 5

Once a season, Girls like to take Hannah away from her friendship circle and drop her back into family life, whether that’s for a visit, to check in with her parents or, as with ‘Flo’, attend to more important business than she’s necessarily used to. This kind of episode is important to the overall feel of the show, with Hannah often feeling like a larger than life character that couldn’t possibly exist. By putting her in a relatable situation like losing a grandparent and dealing with the stress of extended family, it makes her into one of us if just for the briefest of moments.

That’s what made this episode special as, by witnessing the dysfunction of her aunts and cousins, we start to understand the strangeness of Hannah. This was the same for Adam when Caroline came to visit, and normalizing these bizarre people is an important step towards making the show as a whole more likeable (something that seems to be happening this year). Rebecca, for example, was the opposite of Hannah in a lot of ways but, instead of highlighting all of her flaws, she instead shone a light on what Hannah might have been railing against her whole life. Dysfunction breeds creativity, even if it also breeds social awkwardness.

The sequence of events also forced Hannah to look at her relationship from a different angle, as her mother’s concerned words probably hit her harder than she thought. Adam is a difficult person to be with but, as we have seen, he loves Hannah more than she possibly deserves. As far as the audience are concerned, these two people fit together perfectly but, from the biased perspective of Hannah and her family, he is the person dragging her down to his level of isolation and listlessness. Their awkwardness at the subject of marriage proved this, and is maybe sowing the seeds for a potential breakup before the season is over.

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