Bitten Season 1 Review “Prisoner”

Bitten Episode 7 Stalking (3)

I keep wondering who or what will be left to focus on if Bitten gets renewed for a second season. Even if you include all of the human characters, the cast isn’t that big, and this week’s episode, “Prisoner,” so yet another one killed off. At least it was finally one of the bad guys that met their end, I suppose.

Kane was never that interesting of a character, spending much of his time on the show as a mindless enforcer for Santos. His lady love was only just introduced last week, but that wasn’t really enough to flesh him out to the point that I cared about his death here. If anything, it just makes me wonder why they would introduce his girlfriend at all when it seems like her destiny is to end up six feet under as well.

Another plot thread introduced last week was also wrapped up pretty quickly, with Jeremy’s ricin poisoning being solved by a simple blood transfusion. True, they spent the majority of the episode trying to figure out the type of poisoning, but it all just felt too easy. And I don’t care how desperate to help Jeremy she was, Elena failing to at least ask what Jeremy’s blood type was before sticking a needle in her arm is a pretty stupid decision. Seriously, there was no time to just check with the guy while you were digging out the emergency transfusion pump?

There was a lot of time spent with Nick this episode, and I don’t really see why. Granted, his story was certainly closer to the main plot than Logan’s baby worries, but this is still a character that was defined by being his father’s son. Now that Antonio is dead, it seems like a waste of screen time to watch Nick tidy up his father’s affairs. Really, the only new information we got about him was that, like Clay, he prescribes to the idea that lovemaking is like a predatory-prey relationship. Man, the wolves in this show have such a rape vibe about them.

Meanwhile, Phillip discovered that Elena might be cheating on him while he continued to fight off the advances of his ex-girlfriend. And while he’s not entirely right about who she was sleeping with, there’s no denying that she has cheated on him, albeit while in wolf form. Bottom line, though, this relationship continues its grim march towards self-destruction.

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