Beauty and The Beast Season 2 Review “Catch Me If You Can”


Gabe and Sam finally faced off in this week’s episode of Beauty and The Beast’s, ‘Catch Me If You Can’. For weeks the show runners have had Vincent playing the good guy and sitting idly by while Gabe makes Cat feel guilty about her relationship with him, giving her ultimatums. It wasn’t until tonight that Gabe really pushed Vincent enough by telling him to stay away from Cat. Of course Vincent goes through a self pity phase but that was expected. Luckily, J.T. is the one thinking clearly and gives Vincent a much needed pep talk.

Wow, and what about the car accident that pushes Cat’s car on its side. Did you see that coming? The scene ended up being comical and worked in Vincent’s favor, but angered Gabe who ended up on the other end of the line with Cat while the two waited for the fire department to get them out. They always seem to find their way back to one another. If only Cat could stop being so spineless. She started off as a strong character until lately she seems to have evolved into this weaker version of herself, and a puppet to Gabe. It makes it hard to route for her lately.

On the Sam front – he has finally managed to find his latest victim to make him into a beast. Sam isn’t the scariest of TV villains, but his arrogant attitude makes his easy to dislike more and more. His story is growing a little stale however. Is anyone else ready for a new villain? Will Sam be around for the entire season? Or will he bite the dust with a new enemy emerging before the end of season 2? What do you think fans? Will Cat finally return to her normal self? Did the episode end with a slip up between Vincent and Cat or are they back on? Let’s hope this is building to a great spring finale. Leave your comments below.