Bates Motel Season 2 Review “Gone but Not Forgotten”

Bates Motel Season 2 Episode 1 Gone But Not Forgotten (3)

It’s back, ladies and gentlemen! After such a long time away, Bates Motel premiered it’s second season tonight with “Gone but Not Forgotten”. After a successful first season, and even a well-deserved Emmy nod for Vera Farmiga, I was very excited to see what surprises the second season would hold. Many people, including myself, were a little concerned that Bates Motel might not have very much longevity. I mean, we all know how the story ends, right? So how long can they possibly go before we get to that inevitable conclusion? Well, as long as the episodes stay this exciting and well done, I’m not gonna have any complaints!

I was very interested to see where we would start the season. Would we start from the end of last season and get to see Norman’s reaction to Miss Watson’s death? Or would there be a time jump and all of the immediate fallout would be avoided? Thankfully, we got the best of both worlds! I loved seeing Norman find out about Miss Watson from his mother, but I also loved that they were able to quickly move past that and jump the timeline ahead by a few months into the summer, so we don’t dwell too much on Norman’s grief.

It was interesting to see Norman manifest this grief, and it’s surprising that he reacted so strongly and emotionally to Miss Watson’s death. It was almost a little too much to see him sobbing at the funeral and staring out the window longingly, so I was glad that we didn’t spend too much time watching mopey Norman. Most psychopaths don’t have the capacity for such deep emotions and regret, so it’s an interesting choice to make Norman such an emotive guy.

I had that thought a lot over the first season, especially considering how close of a loving relationship Norman had with his mother. And even though Norma and Norman still have the weirdly close relationship that was introduced last season, you can definitely see some cracks forming between them. Norman has started to refer to Norma mostly as “mom”, as opposed to “mother”, and he got frequently upset at her over trivial things like her backseat driving.

Norman is not the only one going through some changes, though. Sweet little Bradley Martin has taken on a completely different role in this season! She was once just the cute girl next door that Norman was crushing on, and now she’s a cigarette smokin’, hard drinkin’ femme fatale! Even though they totally telegraphed her killing Gill, after finding that gun in her dad’s things, I still screamed out loud when she pulled the trigger!

She of course killed Gill because she found out who the mysterious “B” woman was that Jeremy Martin was writing to, and it was Miss Watson! She thinks her dad was killed because of his relationship with Miss Watson, but I’m starting to wonder how many dudes Miss Watson was with! Let me get this straight: She was dating Gill, but seeing Jeremy Martin on the side, and definitely doing some serious flirtation with Norman, and now this other dude showed up at her gravesite! When you’re juggling that many dudes it’s bound to catch up with ya, Blair!

And then there’s Norma, who has her own little battle to fight concerning the bypass that we heard about last season. I’m a big fan of Norma as a character, and Vera Farmiga got to show yet again why she was nominated for an Emmy, but I have a hard time caring about this storyline. The stakes just aren’t as high here. There’s nothing life or death about it or anything, and you know she’s going to be fine because the show is called Bates Motel, so it’s not going to close down any time soon. I’m hoping this issue is resolved quickly so we can devote more time to the more exciting storylines.

Dylan and Emma were pretty underused in the premiere, but I’m hoping that they’re used more in the future, particularly Emma. It would be cool if Norma starts to come up with some shady strategies to keep her business afloat, and she needs Emma to help her out! It’s about time for Emma to get her hands dirty again!

After only an hour into the second season, Bates Motel is already off to a stellar start. There are a couple great storylines up in the air, and a huge cliffhanger with Bradley asking Norman to be her partner in crime. I can’t wait to find out what happens next! Oh, Bates Motel, how I’ve missed you!

Random Thoughts:

– I like how this show zooms in and out of the A&E logo when it cuts to and comes back from the commercial break.

– Wouldn’t it be a crazy twist if Norman didn’t kill Miss Watson? Like, maybe he blacked out and somebody else did the deed to frame him? I don’t think that actually happened, but on the off chance it did, you heard it first!

– Although the storyline isn’t incredibly exciting to me, that dude at the city council meeting did seem a little over-the-top in his rudeness and dismissiveness to Norma. I would have called him a dick too!