Almost Human Season 1 Review “Straw Man”

Almost Human Season Finale 2014 Straw Man (2)

I was hoping that the ratings for Almost Human would have ticked up last week since it was no longer going on up against the Olympics, but instead, the opposite happened. The ratings dropped down even further, staying barely above 5 million viewers, which is not very many for a primetime show on FOX. I’m hoping tonight’s season finale “Straw Man” draws in some more viewers, and that FOX will give this fledgling drama a second season.

If this is the last episode we ever get, though, then it’s a fittingly personal one for John Kennex. I think we’ve only ever heard John mention his dad once, so it was great to hear more about him as John has to investigate an old case of his. John’s dad was played by John Diehl, who you might recognize from playing a cop in Los Angeles on The Shield, so it looks like he’s staying within his wheelhouse with this role.

The idea of the villain was cool. A guy with a degenerative disease trying to harvest the tissues or other people and supplement his body with robotics was a really cool idea, and it was very fitting into the whole “human vs. robot” debate that this show frequently has. However, I was a little disappointed that this case didn’t lead into anything else that’s already been established.

For instance, I was half expecting them to find John’s dad at the Straw Man’s lair. I thought there might be some way for this guy to be keeping old man Kennex alive and harvesting his tissues, or maybe he made a life model decoy of him. Nope. My next thought was that maybe this guy was working with Dr. Nigel Vaughn, who was introduced a few weeks ago in “Unbound”, which would have made sense since Vaughn was working in black market robotics. No dice.

We didn’t really get anything on any other major storylines. No more info on John’s girlfriend, inSyndicate, or the previously mentioned Dr. Nigel Vaughn and his work behind the wall. You would think they would revisit at least one of these storylines with this being the season, and possibly series, finale. A bit of a disappointment for me.

This might very well be the last episode of Almost Human that we’ll ever see, so I wish it was one of their better installments. That’s not to say that “Straw Man” didn’t have it’s strong moments, but it didn’t feel like a finale at all. Here’s hoping FOX will keep the series around for a second season, and that we’ll get to see John put that fancy new leg to good use!

What did you think of the finale episode? And what did you think of this season in general? Sound off in the comments section below.

Random Thoughts:

– Michael Costa was played by William “Big Sleeps” Stewart, which has to be one of the best names ever.

– Did anybody else notice that in the heat signature scan of the Straw Man’s van, the driver was on the right side of the vehicle? Did he buy a European van or something?

– I liked the Blade Runner homage of having John eating at an outdoor Chinese restaurant in the rain in the pilot, just like Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard in the 1982 sci-fi classic, and I’m glad they decided to close out the season with that scene.