Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Review “Pale `la” – Growing Up is Hard To Do

Pale'la (Buried Secrets)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Pale `la” (Hawaiian for “Buried Secrets”), Danny’s mother comes to visit and brings some bad news, while Steve finally learns the truth about Grover’s past.

I felt for both Grover and Danny in this episode. Though Grover’s situation was undoubtedly harder, Danny’s wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

After all the hints alluding to the great mystery, we finally found out why Grover left the main land and came to Hawaii. When Hutton (played by the always fantastic Ethan Embry) mentioned that there was a hostage case that went wrong, I knew it was going to be something bad but I wasn’t prepared for just how bad. Now that I know what happened, I can’t blame Grover at all for seeking a new start in Hawaii. It was good to see him open up to Steve about all of it and I liked what he had to say about keeping secrets and the way they eat at you. Very interesting how that entire conversation turned on a dime and suddenly became about Steve in the end.

As for Danny, he was stuck in that tough spot between feeling like an abandoned kid when he found out his parents were getting a divorce, and needing to be the grown-up so that he could give his mom the support she needed and be a dad to Grace at the same time. I could understand how sympathizing with his mother was hard at first, not just from a son’s point of view, but also from a man’s point of view. Danny was left by his own wife so he knows what his dad is going through, but he still found a way to get over those feelings and realize that what his mom did was the best thing for her. I loved the moment in the end where we saw him tucking his daughter into bed while seeing his mother sleeping in the next room. It was a great way to demonstrate the dichotomy of being a parent, while still feeling like a child.

My favorite bits:

Totally agreeing with Steve about the apple not falling far from the tree when Danny described his parents.

Steve wisely finding another place to be when the word “divorce” came up.

“A sports car, really? Isn’t that a little obvious? You still have all your hair.”

Clara asking why Danny wasn’t driving his own car.

Steve looking more and more uncomfortable throughout Danny’s conversation with his mother. That was hilarious.

Steve’s joy at finding out he had to get to a crime scene and then running as fast as he could for his truck.

Thinking that reporter made a huge mistake when he decided to get on Steve’s bad side. I am more curious than ever about Grover though.

“Single GSW to the head.”
“That’ll do it every time.”

“Who am I??” “Someone who’s about to get shot?” – Aw, I thought that was adorable.

Danny calling Steve to rescue him from his mom.

Steve holding the phone away from his ear went Danny went off about how he couldn’t just do a friend a solid.

Danny explaining “I Saw the Sign” to Steve. Who ever thought there would be an Ace of Base reference on this show?

The boys comparing their mothers. That was pretty awesome. It’s true, they both have some nutty moms.

Steve telling Danny to just be there for his mom. Aw.

“I hope you never see something like that, man. Because you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.” – That whole story was beyond brutal.

Grover warning Steve that he needed to get things out or he was going to end up just like him.

Danny informing his mother that Operation Corrupt His Daughter was officially over.

Steve standing up for anyone who’s ever had to do his job and asking Hutton to leave Grover alone.

Danny admitting to his mom that the hardest day was telling Grace when he was getting a divorce, and how his parents were his anchor, too.

“Maybe someday you’ll tell me why you came back home.”
“Yeah, someday.”

Danny busting Grace reading with a flashlight in her bed.

“Is there anyone in here?”
“I hope not.”

Grace telling Danny that she heard him crying the night they told her about the divorce. Kids always hear stuff like that.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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