Grimm Season 3 Review “Revelation”

Grimm Season 3 Episode 13 Revelation (3)

When we left Grimm many weeks ago, Monroe’s parents had scorned Rosalee and were about to go full Blubat on Nick. I was looking forward to some spectacular continuation of the story. What I got was something like the dreams you have where you bring your fist back, let it fly, and it gently taps the bully on the face. It was less of a cliffhanger and more of a pothole hanger.

There’s no big surprise that Monroe is unwilling to give up Rosalee or his friendship with Nick just because of his parents bigotry. It also is no big shocker that Monroe is able to bring his parents around. It would be too sad if Monroe had to lose his family to be with the woman he loves. Should we start taking bets on whether we’re going to get the wedding this season?

For some unknown reason, Juliette found the idea of Wesen who scalp people so terrifying that she had to stay up all night researching. I know we want to keep Juliette in the loop, but this was a pretty lame explanation. More importantly, is there something going on with Juliette’s teeth? It seemed like she was lisping the entire time, which was kind of distracting.

We find out that Stefania has brokered the sale of Adalind’s baby to the royal family. Before that can happen, Renard intervenes. He tells Adalind again that she has to choose a side, and she chooses his. Smart lady. It feels like Adalind has been pregnant for ages, though she claimed last time that it had only been six months in Grimm-time. It’s about time Hexenbiest baby arrived. I have a feeling, though, that nobody is truly going to be able to control Adalind and once she has her powers back, it’s game on.

While I liked Adalind’s bad ass guardian (and his hide under the covers plan), the real surprise of the episode was the mystical powers of her unborn child. It managed to hurl a pen across the room and stabbed a guy in the eye. I’m guessing that demon baby is going to grow incredibly fast once it’s out of the womb and will line itself up as Nick’s new nemesis. Out of nowhere, there are now vague warnings that the world is about to change and something really bad is going to happen. I’m assuming that’s about the baby.

One thing I didn’t fully understand was where Nick’s super powers have gone. In the fight with the Wesen, he had no special ninja moves and no zombie adrenalin rush. He just got his ass pounded into sand. They really need to make Nick’s character more interesting. He’s faded into the background and is really boring at the moment. He needs to have more of an attitude and be more dynamic. The writers should watch a couple episodes of Buffy – see what that kind of hero looks like.

I started out the season feeling enthusiastic about the season, but as we passed the halfway point, I’m starting to feel less convinced that things are on track.